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Why yes I am still a spinner…

January 30, 2014

It has been over 2 months since I last showed off some hand spun, for those of you new to the blog, you may not have realized that I spin, well I do, and I did fairly recently.

The fiber has been in my stash since June of last year. I bought this yarn at a fiber festival on request from my husband, he was interested in the possibility of a hat or even socks. I was a bit unsure of the possibility of actually spinning the yarn into a viable sock option, so it rested in my stash, waiting.


The motivating factor was born out of a recent development in my spinning life. I decided to sell my dearest little Kromski Prelude, as a way to upgrade to a new (to me wheel.) I placed ads on Ravelry and with the local knitters and crochet guild and it took about a week before anyone even responded. Right now there are a few interested parties, but no firm offers. All of this is a long way of saying the motivation for finally getting this spun up was the fact that I had spun about 1/3 of the fiber before the holidays (way back when) and knew I wanted to knock it out before I ended up selling the wheel.

I decided to take the advice of spinner’s who are far wiser and more experienced than I and branch out a bit. I had some Knit Picks Full Circle roving in the granite colorway and decided it would probably pair pretty well with the smoky (technically potash) of the fiber. So I set about spinning the rest of the fiber shown above. I ended up winding one of the bobbins into a center pulled ball and for the first time ever I tried to make a three-ply yarn.

It wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected, although I did have to keep a better eye on it than I normally do. I ended up not having enough of the Full Circle singles to complete the pile so I finished what I could and transferred it to my niddy noddy and gave it a little bath. The result was better than I hoped. It is right around 180 yards which is quite shy for a pair of socks, but I think I can managed another spin with the remaining Full Circle and hopefully get enough to manage with contrasting cuffs, heels, and toes.


I will have to wait on the whole spinning things, because thanks to the wonder that is my immune system I have been struck down with the plague part 2. This time it is a sinus infection and what has been called possible early stages of pneumonia. I have had to sit out on classes for three days, spending the majority of my time sleeping. Can I just say I think it is ridiculous that I can sleep for close to 16 hours in one day and wake up feeling more exhausted than I did when I first fell asleep? I know, I know the body needs time to heal and rest is the best thing right now. I just feel bad because of the whole missing classes and what not. I also had to cancel plans to hangout with my bestie this weekend, which has left me in a bit of a sour mood.

I have been to the doctor and am on antibiotics, so fingers crossed I start to feel better soon. I have managed to stay relatively on top of my homework, but I still feel like I am falling behind (not true, my husband likes to remind me.) I have made a feeble attempt to relax (when I am not asleep) and have gotten in more than a few episodes of Law and Order (Original.) I haven’t seen the series itself before, I was an SVU fan for the longest time, but fell out of it after a few seasons (reruns for the win!) I am definitely enjoying this version so much more than SVU (don’t tell my old self who definitely had a thing for Stabler) and have really taken to the Executive ADA- Ben Stone from the first four seasons (I am only on season 2, but I know he leaves around season 4.) I think the show is a bit better written, or at least compared to the later episodes of SVU (or as it might need to be called…the Benson show.) Anyway I am still struggling with the whole relax thing, but hopefully it won’t be needed much longer.


Okay back the spinning, pretty no? I like it, and while it was not my smoothest spin (fat and thin for the win?) I thought it produced a nicer yarn over all, so I definitely see more of this type in the future.

The other thing I get to consider in my forced relaxation time, which wheel do I want?

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  1. shellssells permalink

    Here’s a funny thing….almost 3 yrs ago now I purchased that same colorway at the same fiber festival. I do believe it now resides in someone else’s stash, I never got around to spinning it and it was traded in part to purchase back my Kiwi (which is now Marja’s kiwi.)

    The yarn looks great! I like the addition of the complimentary single.

  2. JDKnitter permalink

    Pretty! I just order my second wheel, Schacht Ladybug. If I had more mula, I would’ve def gone for the Matchless.

  3. I love the subtle greys, they are really beautiful! I can’t wait to make a pair of handspun socks, but right now most of my plans are in the cowl/shawl department due to the fact that handspun seems far too precious to use on something that will wear out 😛

  4. Sara Crafts permalink

    I think it’s very pretty! The color would definitely make a nice pair of socks for your Hubby if you can eek out enough yardage.

  5. Marja permalink

    The yarn is so lovely! Nice job. Hope you feel better.

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