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Day 4

January 31, 2014

It’s Day 4 of my self-imposed isolation, due to illness. I have gone out a few times, but not for very long, not for anything interesting. In these past four days I have discovered how annoying it is to be worn out from making the bed (seriously, just making the bed!) I have also discovered that I may be a wee bit over zealous on my whole MUST GET ALL THE THINGS DONE mentality (hence the finding out that I can get tired making the bed.)

Now I like to be productive and I enjoy making lists to help mark this productivity, but unfortunately the past four days has left me woefully (in my mind) behind on things and therefore I am starting to get a little edgy. In my edgy state I would like to share with you a list of some the things that have been brought to my attention.


1. I have been unable to cast on anything. No, that is not true. I have been able to cast on quite a few things, but none of them have worked out, I either can’t count, can’t follow a pattern, or in a wonderful display of intelligence can’t do both. Now I understand this more than likely means that I am just tired, and stressing myself out over nothing. I also understand that there is no point in fighting the plague part 2 illness that has taken hold, but seriously how hard is it to count to 100?

2. As part of the whole casting on episode(s) I attempted to start another sweater for an impeding tiny human. I had carefully wound the newest skein and was getting ready to cast on, when after a few rounds (of very badly counted stitches) I decided to answer that odd feeling in my gut and triple check the ball band. I almost threw the (badly knit) beginnings of a sweater across the room. The damn yarn which I had spent a good long while in the lys for, was not in fact superwash like I anticipated. (The only upside is the fact that I didn’t have a finished sweater in my hands when I decided to make this trek into wisdom.)

3. I can’t seem to knit a cowl. I have considered making one since it started getting chilly back in freaking October. I tried a few times, but never felt I had the right yarn (whatever that actually meant) I finally picked up some yarn near the beginning of December and was all set to start, and got side tracked by the holidays and finals. Like most of the US, we have been having some serious weather whiplash and during one of the frigid periods I decided I should try my hand at a cowl again. Since being in self-imposed isolation, I have cast on for no fewer than four cowls (and more in terms of attempts on said cowls) with this yarn and the only thing I can say that is remotely positive, is how well the yarn has held up to the punishment.

4. My cats are crazy. To those of you who have fellow feline companions I am sure you can relate. Since being stuck at home, I have become reacquainted with my cats random bursts of energy (at 4 am) and there spontaneous naps (at 4:15 am.) They seem to make it a mission to tag team me awake at random hours for food and then after filling the dish and checking on their various water dishes, they decide to make up for it by attempting to sleep on my pillow, or shove me off the bed by flopping against me.

5. I don’t do sick well…I have been attempting to force myself to just stay on the couch and knit (ha ha, yeah right) or stay in bed and sleep (that one is a little easier) but for the most part I keep thinking of all the things I should be doing. Study for upcoming tests, homework, readings for classes, discussion boards to post on, programs to write, and papers to begin on. The reality is that very few of these things need to be done by this weekend, and none are due today. As someone who hates to be behind, and has found a way of combating procrastination (by working ahead) I am struggling to find that balance between getting it all done and just relaxing. Guesses on which one is winning?

So there you go my whine for this Friday. Thanks to all the well wishes for getting better and for all the lovely comments on the hand spun. I kind of fail at the responding to comments thing, but I do want you to know I read them and enjoy hearing your replies to my ramblings from this little corner of the internet.

I hope you all have a great weekend and stay warm!



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  1. I hope you feel better soon!!

  2. Sleep. Sleep is the answer. Sleep til you feel better, then give yourself a knitty day as a reward 🙂 Get well!

  3. Wishing you much better health, very soon. Illness is just such a waste of time!

  4. slippedstitches permalink

    I totally understand. In many ways you just captured how I do sick…not well. Feel better. Try to push the fluids.

  5. shellssells permalink

    This is how it goes when I am at home sick.
    1. I feel that the bed sheets are gross from me having slept in them while sick.
    2. I decide that I am home, and should be productive anyhow.
    3. Conclusion-launder sheets.
    4. I take sheets off bed, at considerable effort, and get them in the laundry bin.
    5. I then realize that I am too sick to be doing laundry, too sick to remake the bed with clean sheets, and TOTALLY need a nap in the bed I’ve just stripped.

    And I never learn….

    I am sorry you are feeling so crappy!

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