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Wishful thinking…

February 3, 2014

I am back among the living today, whether I really wanted to be or not. I had my first exam in one of the classes that required me to suck it up and head to campus. There may have been a bit of wishful thinking on my part that I would wake up and have an email waiting for me stating that classes had been cancelled from some completely arbitrary reasoning. Alas my wish was not granted and so off I went. This was followed by trekking to my next class of the day. Suffice it to say that I remained wishful that I would be granted reprieve, yet it was not meant to be. That leaves afternoon class and I am starting to think that my wishful thinking is getting me nowhere.

Speaking of wishful thinking, we are finally expected to get snow. Now we have had a few snowfalls since winter began, but for the most part we were fortunate to have missed the majority of the slushy mess. My wishful thinking is that we will either have enough snow to cancel classes (which I am told pretty much never happens at this school) or we don’t get any. I am not the biggest fan of snow, well that’s not true I don’t mind it, when I am able to stay inside my own home and watch it through the windows, otherwise no thanks.

Finally my last bit of wishful thinking, I posted on twitter today (shocking I know…I may  fail on the whole tweet thing) that I wish someone would pay me to just stay at home and knit. Now I realize I have spoken on the subject before and commission knitting isn’t always a viable option for people and in reality I am sure at some point I would want to say stop, but right now it sounds like a great thing. I also have this wishful thinking about being paid to write about knitting, but again not a really viable.

Alas I am stuck here wondering about the possible flakes in the sky and wondering just how much wishful thinking would it take?


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  1. Let me now if you figure out a way to get someone to pay you to stay home and knit. It sounds perfect.

  2. I’m sorry you’re still feeling bad! Dr. Lolly prescribes tea, honey, and knitting.

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