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FFN: Baby gifts continued

February 9, 2014

I ended up having to miss the baby shower this past weekend because (my luck is such that) I ended up getting shingles (again.) So cue me stuck at home, hiding out on the couch as I attempt to distract myself from all that is this mess. I did however finish the baby gifts and thanks to the wonderfulness that is the giant, they were sent out Saturday afternoon and should be winging their way to the mom-to-be as we speak.

If you recall from previous posts I ended up with an adorable little sweater knit out of the (sadly) discontinued Knit Picks Felici sport, in the color way sunny day. I had about three skeins of the yarn remaining and one went to the sweater, and another one ended up going to matching (in color at least) hat and booties. I ended up using a new-to-me pattern for the hat, the Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap with mods by the user sammlyn. I think it turned out pretty good, I ended up tweaking the top just a bit with the decreases.


For the booties I ended up using the old standby of Saarjte’s Bootee pattern. I made the smaller size and omitted one of the straps, and after a little bit of a trial and error because I am apparently unable to read my left from right, I made the straps opposing. They required me to dip into the beginning of the third ball of yarn because I needed the blue to match, but otherwise the hat and booties would have taken a little less than one full skein.


Not too bad considering the time needed for the entire gift, and the end results. I am just hoping the tiny human and her mom enjoy the gift.


  1. Just. Absolutely. Adorable. 🙂
    (Get well soon!)

  2. Q – Adorable! Lucky recipient. Hope you get over the shingles quickly! Poor thing.

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