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Prep work

February 11, 2014

Shingles watch 2014 is still underway, but thanks to some pain medication it isn’t nearly as bad as it could be. Knitting content is a bit light thanks to the pain/ the fact that I seem to have rubbed my poor finger raw (I knit continental and the yarn crosses over my left forefinger and apparently I have been knitting too much or too tightly and have produced a painfully raw spot.) Rest assured that I have taken necessary steps to help it heal and allow myself to still knit (bandage to the rescue) but I am still refraining a bit from the process.

In an effort to maintain my sanity as well as allow for some creativity I have decided to start prep work for my sister in law’s upcoming baby shower. Now I will be throwing the event (first time for everything) and have decided (because the mom to be gave me the option) on a Savannah kind of theme. Essentially it will be cute little animals, prints and what have you. I am not the world’s biggest fan of pastels nor am I prone to favor the pre-described gender colors, so the Savannah theme seemed like a good way to say “yay baby” without being overwhelmed by pink.

Here are the results of my attempts at wall decorations from last night. They didn’t take very long (maybe an hour at most) and I think they will add a festive addition to the shower.




Happy Tuesday.

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