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Farewell to Ferdinand

February 12, 2014

I am here to share a very fond farewell to Ferdinand my rigid heddle loom. He came into my life in December of 2012 and we were happy. I was interested in learning how to weave and he was there at the right time and at the right place. We began as most relationships do, with a wild abandon and a desire to be together at every chance we could get. I managed to produce a handful of scarfs with him, many that were given as gifts and cherished by the recipients. Unfortunately our time together would be brief, the infatuation with weaving waned and I returned to my first loves, spinning and knitting. Poor Ferdinand lived the majority of his life on a shelf in my closet, surrounded by a boxed up wedding dress who was too stuck up to be much company and a variety of books that were left over from my grad school days. He would be picked up and carefully warped and woven on every few months, but his FO’s became more and more infrequent.20121206_163309

In January I knew our time was drawing short. My eyes were already wandering to a new wheel, and I realized Ferdinand would have even less of a shot at getting out much. I made the decision yesterday to look for a new forever home for him. I took him out, dusted him off and removed the WIP that had been there since November of 2013. He was displayed as the beautiful loom that he was and took to his photo shoot like a champ. I posted his details on Ravelry and within an hour I had received word of a potential new home. After working out the details, it was decided Ferdinand would leave my home that evening. With a small sense of sadness at what might have been, he was packed up and taken to the store to be shipped to his new home.

Action shot from the other evening.

Action shot from the other evening.

I wish him well, and hope that he and his new owner will be very happy together. As for me, there was a momentary loss but that was replaced by the purchase of a brand new wheel. Details on that once it arrives. For now I just want to say Farewell sweet Ferdinand, farewell.

Very obviously a beginer scarf

Very obviously a beginer scarf


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  1. shellssells permalink

    He’ll be happy getting more use, and if you ever have a desire to return to weaving, I am sure there’ll be another loom out there looking for a home at that time. Congrats on the sale!

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