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Yarn Thief

February 13, 2014

I have a tendency to take the little bits of yarn I have left over from a project and hand wind them into small little balls. This yarn isn’t enough to do anything, maybe a few yards give or take, but I don’t like to toss them because, I suppose I have dreams of making little ornaments or something from them. Anyway, the little bits of yarn all safely wound tend to be placed in one of two spots. The first in a drawer within my coffee table and the other is on my desk.

The past few days, come morning, I would find the little bits from my desk would be knocked to the ground, sometimes pushed under my desk or chair. Now I figured the cats had gotten up there and in their desire to get to something else on the desk they had bumped them over.

I had also noticed that there were a few times when the bits that were stuck in the drawer would suddenly find their way to be placed around the living room. Now this was a bit more complicated to explain. I know I had put them in there at night, a simple and easy place to store them. I also knew that it wasn’t my husband who took them out (I may have asked, to confirm.) It had left me a little confused and more than a little suspicious of a possible yarn thief.

My suspicion naturally went to the cats, but for the most part the cats leave my yarn alone. The gray one does have an almost unnatural obsession with BFL (although so do I so go figure.) Where as the tabby has only stolen fiber once and tends to leave everything else alone (unless he is vying for attention and the yarn  passes in front of his eyes. So it would seem I was out of luck there.

I started to notice that the yarn bits would suddenly become a bit unwound and I would find a small trail across the room. Secondly the drawer to the coffee table would be slightly open. It left me wondering for a day or so, that is until, my growing suspicions were confirmed :



It appears I do in fact have a yarn thief. Although he is a bit too adorable to be mad at.

Have you ever had a yarn thief?



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  1. slippedstitches permalink

    Yarn Rascal is a total little yarn thief. He’s my little Bichon of 1 year. The yarn that is hands down his favorite is Shetland Wool. Though a good merino with a pinch of cashmere is also irresistible to him. He likes to unravel the skeins and decorate the house. Yarn hangs from lamps, off of chairs, trails across the floor and up the stairs. Along the way he stops to chew the strands. Follow the trail long enough and usually there he is caught in his own trap.

  2. Remy will absolutely go after anything alpaca. He also likes to sit on things I’m blocking. Mostly if it’s not alpaca he leaves my yarn alone though. Shame I like alpaca so much!

  3. Oh dear. But as you say, too cute to be cross with. More photos of feline yarny chaos, please!

  4. Greg tried to steal a little bit of my handspun. He doesn’t knit, but it was “so soft and he wanted to put it on his face.” It was mulberry silk though, so who could blame him?

  5. My cat does play with my yarn, but her biggest thieving moment actually had to do with the ribbons holding my needle case shut. She chewed and then ate them. She may be cute, but she is also a stinker.

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