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Rumor has it…

February 14, 2014

Well depending on which one you believe, Knit Picks beloved Felici  is being discontinued (in fingering weight this time.) Now if you believe some others, all this panic is for naught, because like every year around this time KP is just letting their limited edition colors be snapped up, in anticipation for the newest round of yarn happening in the March/April time frame.

Regardless of the realities, whether you believe rumor A or rumor B the fact remains that at the absolute very least the Felici colors listed on the site are discontinued/limited edition. Now I have a weakness for self striping yarn, I love watching the colors develop, and I will often knit for a longer period because of it ( I am not sure what that says about me being that entertained by a yarn, but let’s save that for another day.) I was fortunate to pick up some Felici a year or two ago in the Botany colorway (pretty fabulous IMO) and made some wonderfully soft socks for me (mine, all mine!) I was also a bit less fortunate to pick up some Felici in the Minty colorway (to be fair I am still utterly in love with it) the unfortunate fact was the yarn had a bit of an extra dye problem and my poor bamboo needles looked pretty gross after I knit with it. Fun side note that yarn ended up getting frogged for a different reason and now it sits in my stash waiting judgement.

Anyway having realized my penchant for self striping and making socks I fell down the rabbit hole and purchased some skeins. To be fair with the exception of maybe one set of skeins the yarn is actually helping me fulfill a New Year’s Resolution (aka have items in a long-range planning box. So come the Holidays I am not running around like a headless bird.)

So…wanna see?


Of course you do.

Felici CollageUpper Left: Shamrock (2 skeins)

Upper Right: Lighthouse (4 skeins)

Lower Left: Foxglove (2 skeins)

Lower Right: Maple (2 skeins)

The colors are a little different from what I expected (what with computer screens and all) but I still think they will be great for LRPP (long-range planned projects.)


Oh and one more note, Warning Enabler Alert: KP is having a sale on the colors right now.



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  1. sparkeespud permalink

    I fell down the rabbit hole too! I got 2 maple leaves and 2 jingle. Fall and Christmas socks. I have a pair of socks with minty as well and it definitely turned my fingers indigo when I was knitting them.

  2. I bought some, I confess >.< They always get me with their sales!!

    • Me too, except I ordered before this sale hit, oops! Glad you were able to get some.

      • I thing if we combined our orders, you would have almost every single color. I got Splash, Jellybean, and Sweetheart. Now I regret not getting the Foxglove too.

        • I found the foxglove was more pink than I expected (I was hoping for more purple) just as an fyi. I considered the Splash but the giant wanted lighthouse, go figure.

          • Well, it is quite muted and manly. All these socks are going to be for me. After I finish the rainbow socks of doom for Greg, all the socks I knit for a while will be mine mine mine!

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