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FFN: For the Tiny Humans

February 17, 2014

So the thrill of baby knits continues. I think the sheer fact that they are so easy combined with the fact that they are darn fast is making them my go to right now. I ended up knitting another Puerperium cardigan, this time in the KP Felici sport weight of Stream Bed. I think I may be more taken by this colorway knit up than the last one. I did opt for no mods and knit the seven buttons on, I think it looks fine, but I haven’t decided if I like it more.  This one was forced to have a reknit because I some how messed up a stitch count and had to frog half the thing. But even with that, it was still a pretty short knit time. I am really enjoying the ease of this pattern and the possible varieties.



In other news: We went to visit my in-laws this past weekend, and being in a shingle induced haze of pain I attempted to start a toe up sock. It was going fine until I realized I must have messed up the cast on stitch count (it was way to small in the toe) so a question for you other sock knitters. Can I not cast on the same number of stitches that I end up with if I were to do cuff down? In other words when I make cuff down socks I decrease at the toe until there are x number of stitches and then seam close. My question is can I not use that x number to cast on if I am to do toe up? Any thoughts? Send me a response in the comments, and you will have my eternal gratefulness. 

  1. Really like this top!

  2. Serenova permalink

    I would think in *theory* that that kind of sock knitting would work, but I’ve never tried it.

  3. Looks like your other readers have covered the sock thing, but man, I want a Puerperium for myself!

  4. Why are you knitting baby clothes? Have I missed something? The little cardi is gorgeous and I love the stripes 🙂

    • The baby clothes are born (ha ha) out of the fact I know 5 ladies that are pregnant and one of them happens to be my sister in law (yay for a new niece.) So due (ha ha) to the influx of new tiny humans arriving I have been keeping busy with potential baby shower gifts. In part to fulfill New Year’s resolutions to use stash/have some items in a long term planning box. So no worries you haven’t missed anything in terms of news from me. 🙂

  5. slippedstitches permalink

    This is how I do my toe-up socks: I take the total number of stitches I would cast on for a cuff down sock. Divide that in half and the answer is the number of stitches you need for the provisional cast on. Crochet a chain with 3 chains more than the number of sts needed. Then pick up the number needed through the purl bumps on the back side of the crochet chain. Purl the first row. Divide the number of sts on the needle by three to make three sections (two sides and a center section) and work the toe in short-rows. When the short-rows are complete, undo the provisional cast on one chain at a time and pick up the stitches on the underside. Now you are ready to work in the round.

  6. sparkeespud permalink

    Cute cardi for the wee one! As for the socks, I cast on 16 (8 on each needle Judy’s magic cast on), increase 4 sts every row until I have 28 total sts. Then increase 4 sts every other row till I have 64 sts total. This is the same tow as I do cuff down. It will look weird till you get to the total amount of sts. It’s like an optical illusion.

  7. This is how I do my toe-up socks. I cast on 12 stitches, then increase four stitches every other row until I have 64 stitches (which if I did my math right should be 13 increase rows) . then I knit until 2 inches to the heel, turn the heel, (I do short row heels) and knit until they’re as tall as I want, slap on some ribbing, bind off with a stretchy bind off, and bob’s yer uncle! 😛

    • Thanks, maybe it’s just the fact that I didn’t go out far enough for an accurate idea. I made it past the increases, but only about an inch before “trying them on.”

      • Sometimes you have to go up to as many as 72 stitches for a good fit. Very small differences in the yarn can change the size a lot! Also, for reference, I’m a ladies 8.5.

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