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Wheel(s) Wednesday

February 19, 2014

I was going to talk about waiting, and share my latest FO, but the waiting part (at least for me) is over (you all will still have to wait for that post.) I promise the replacement is a good one.

The waiting I was going to discuss was the fact that I bit the bullet last week and ordered a new wheel (after selling Ferdinand I had enough to get it.) I was waiting for its arrival, but as I mentioned a little bit before, the wait is over!

Without further ado, the newest wheel to my suddenly growing herd:

20140219_130615A Blue Bonnet Honeybee. It arrived a little while ago and in less than a half hour it was all ready to go. I have attempted a few minutes of treadling, but going from a single to a double will require a little bit more adjustment than I thought. The Blue Bonnet wheels can be found on the Woolery (where I stumbled across them) and at their etsy store. They are a great low-cost, high quality wheel and just right for me at this time. I did end up getting a custom-made whorl (15:1, 20:1 ratios)  in addition to the one provided (6:1, 8:1.)

As of now (since there hasn’t been any luck selling the Prelude) I am now the owner of a tiny “herd” of wheels. Considering that both are smaller than a lot of other wheels I am not too worried about it (yet.) Though I can see where the desire to have more can come in, they are just so beautiful (and useful, because while I appreciate the pretty it takes a lot for me to keep it around if it’s just for looks (at least I am breaking away from my parents in that respect.)



There is still no name for the newest edition, my first wheel is named Beatrice (because I apparently name my craft items, anyone else?) For now I will just keep practicing the treadling (because boy is it fast) and thinking of some names.

So while I am sorry I postponed the post about the FO I have to say it was worth it.



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  1. Knit for You Designer permalink

    It’s great to find someone with the same wheel as I have. The Bluebonnet wheel is great!

  2. Q – Beautiful wheel! My Lendrum is Mariah and my Sidekick is Rosie. 😎

  3. HA! I went from 1 wheel to 3 within a year and a half! And I still have dreams of a Reeves some day

  4. shellssells permalink

    Awwww yeah! So exciting! Can’t wait to see it! When I went from my kiwi to my rose, I had about a week of “What was I thinking?! I can’t handle this wheel at all, I act like I don’t know how to SPIN!” And then I settled into a routine and it was fine. I am guessing you’ll have a similar situation.

  5. What a beautiful wheel!!!

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