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May 27, 2014

So the Giant and I spent our Memorial weekend on a whirlwind of travel and sickness. The travel came first luckily. Horace made the trip with us, making sure I got one of my standard requirements for early morning car trips.

photo (4)

Iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts. Have I ever shared my love of Dunkin’? Trust me there was a serious mourning period when we moved from Chicago, as I had developed quite a strong attachment to the place. Luckily a few locations have since made their way over to us and I am once again to able to satisfy my cravings. The  morning saw departing our fair city at around 6:30 am and winging our way across half of Iowa. We can be seen  here attempting to survive the car ride without going too stir crazy:

photo (5)

We managed to arrive at my brother’s home and while this was only the first stop on our journey, it was totally worth getting on the road so early. Why you might ask? Well because I finally got to meet her:


Meet my newest niece, known affectionately on here as Peanut. The little one slept for most of our visit, which I am told is a bit of a change and therefore much appreciated. I was more than happy to hold the sleepy one and get some Auntie snuggles. She’s still pretty small, having suffered some issues with feeding at the beginning, but she has started to gain some weight, which is great. Adorable no?

As with all good things, our time had to come to an end and we began our second leg of the journey which was just a ways down the road and involved the other set of in-laws. The Giant’s parents ended up with my sister-in-law’s family and us for the day, much to their delight. The lot of us spent time visiting and wrangling kiddos and dogs alike.  Eventually we all decided to take a breather and somehow this happened:


Because apparently I am just that snuggly. The trip reached the end and the two of us traveled back home, enjoying the quiet after such a busy, people-filled day.

Introvert battery restored we spent Sunday doing some light housekeeping and I worked a bit on some knitting projects. I am still at the point where nothing is really tripping my trigger enough to want to devote the time needed to finish a project. So in that somewhat vain effort to find something, I have started another pair of socks for me, working on them in the mornings before work, and made it to the heel. This time I decided to bite the bullet and try the fish lips kiss heel. To be fair I had to work it twice because of my own inability to manage the instructions. Victory was mine and I finished the dang thing. I don’t know how I feel about it, for a few different reasons, I am going to try to withhold much judgement before I finish the first one and can test it out. This was all done before the two of us decided to go on a bike ride. One that involved a few different terrains as well as the reality that we didn’t have to stop to walk our bikes at all. Now it was only about 3.5 miles, which may not seem like much, but it was still quite the accomplishment for me. Tired and worn out we made our way home to relax and enjoy our evening.

Monday dawned sunny and bright, but unfortunately the two of us were not feeling the same. Somehow we both ended up with a cold. Sleep, fluids, and a variety of Netflix shows helped us cope for the day. The viewing consisted of Firefly (so shiny) and some Star Trek: The Next Generation.  There is just something about those two shows that seem to inspire you to just lay still and watch, which is exactly what we needed. Although I am willing to admit it took a little while fore me to accept that fact. Knitting was limited, with nothing of accomplishment having. I have some hand spun that seems to be striking my fancy but no real pattern that seems to fit, because why not right?

So, how was your weekend?


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