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June 11, 2014

When I spin there are times when I often end up with these random little bits of singles leftover. I know there are ways around of it, spinning from the same plying ball, chain plying, ect. Heck there are times when there might be enough left over to make a wee skein, which is always nice. The truth is that there are just going to be times, at least in my spinning career, when there are leftovers, and I am okay with that. I am okay with it because I always love combining a few random singles and seeing the results. Maybe it is the thrill of the unknown, or the fact that it will almost always be such a small amount that makes it seem almost special, whatever it might be I like it.

Case in point:

photo 3 (4)

This wee skein, a combo of some leftovers. The red from the first Hanks In the Hood I finished a few weeks ago and the gray/black combo from the Frabjous fibers I knocked out earlier in the year. photo 4 (3)It’s only about 20 yards of this brilliant burgundy-grayish color combo that I am in love with.

Which brings me to the downside of leftovers…when it’s really good, it often means there’s very little of it left.




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  1. I do everything humanly possible to avoid leftovers! They make me crazy, precisely because I have no idea what to do with them. Yours look very pretty! Perhaps an accent stripe on a hat or something?

  2. I have the same occurrence here. You could knit them into tension squares, label them and make a scrapbook. Then you can look back in the future, remembering what you made with it. Maybe a photo to go with it too would be nice. If you’re like me you struggle to remember what size needles you used to make this, that or the other. Notes would help for future projects.

  3. I agree! I love the leftover bits! But I’ve also learned to enjoy the Andean plying bracelet if I’m working on a 2 ply. Then I can use up everything to maximize the yardage for the skein!

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