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To keep the chill out

June 19, 2014

So I have said in recent posts that I have finally started knitting with my hand spun and I have yet another semi-FO to show you. This time a simple hat.


I used the Thorpe pattern and my first Hanks of the Hood batt from March. The shifting of the colors proved to be a little tricky and I had to manually mess with them in order to hit all the colors. The ends are not woven in yet nor has it been blocked, in part because I need some help from you my dear readers. I am debating whether I should had some braids and tassels to the ear flaps and either a braided tassel or a pom to the top. So I am turning it over to you all.  Take a moment to comment on what you think.The fate of this wonderful hat rests in your hands, try to use the power for good will ya?



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  1. Braids and tassels to the ear flaps! a tassel on top if anything, but it doesn’t need it.

  2. I agree with shellssells

  3. shellssells permalink

    Braids and tassels at the ear flaps, leave the top alone. Looks fabulous!

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