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“Itteh Bitteh” Kitteh Commiteh of….2 er 3

June 30, 2014

It would appear that there a few key differences when moving into a house as opposed to another apartment. The biggest one so far? The sheer amount of space. We have such a drastic difference in space available to us that our main difficulty in unpacking (not that we are in a crazy big hurry anyway) is trying to figure out where it goes. So many options and that my friends is a real first for the Giant and I.

To be fair our new space has shrunk by just a little bit thanks to our newest addition. The Giant and I have always said (well it was more me saying and him being willing to go along with it) when we had a house we would rescue another little ball of fluff, and that is exactly what we did this past weekend. There was some debate as to the one to bring home (because the Giant wisely limited me to just one) but after meeting about 5 cats total we finally settled on the newest addition to our family.

Meet Toby.


He is a 3 year old brown and white tabby and a big enough guy he can hold his own with our two other cats. He is a snuggler with a preference for headbutts. We brought him home on Friday and so far things are going well. He and the other cats are still getting to know one another but we are feeling good about their compatibility.

Feel free to say hello to Toby and in no way should you think that the pictures of him are a way to distract you from the fact that I have absolutely nothing in terms of knitting/spinning/writing or anything else to show you.

Look another photo of Toby!

toby 2


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  1. I miss having head-butts and cuddling ! Miss having kitties, Toby is so cute!!!!!

  2. so cute! he looks kind of like my cat (:

  3. awww, he is cute – looks like our little Tigger, who has been with us for a full year now. We rescued her from my brother who decided he wasn’t a cat person after all. She also likes to snuggle, and things are getting better each day in the “get along with Allie and Zumba” game. I know Toby will be a good brother to your other fur kids. Congrats on the new big space!

  4. Look at that fluffeh belleh!!!! Toby is adorable.

  5. slippedstitches permalink

    Totally adorable. Welcome Toby.

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