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Make with the grabby hands

July 7, 2014

This past week has been a haze of firework smoke and attempting to unpack the seemingly endless supply of boxes. Add into the mix the fact that I seem to have caught some summer bug that is making its way through my work place and you end up with a little less than stellar 3-day weekend. The fireworks have thankfully calmed down, although we still hear the occasional one in the evening. It’s still better than the past two weeks leading up to the Holiday.

Luckily despite my sick-filled brain I can still share some rather wonderful highlights. This past weekend started with a rather fun lead up on Wednesday night at knit group. This week, the always lovely, Marja kicked off the evening by letting me borrow her Bosworth drop spindle. ( My desire to own of my own grows each time I get to have my hot little hands on it.)

photo 1 (8)

Side note, she was willing to let me borrow but any attempts to subtly (or not) keep the spindle were thwarted. That Marja is nothing if not quick. Luckily her sweetness continued as she passed a bag containing some of her wonderful hand spun, and let me just say that Marja produces some really lovely hand spun, but the fun didn’t stop there. No, because you see my dear readers, Marja is a rather rare breed, she is a spinner, with no and included. What this means, and the weaker among you might want to sit down, is that this past week, Marja brought her bag of lovelies not just as a show and tell but she also said we could take some of the yarn for our very own. Cut to me, making with the grabby hands (this is that instinctual gesture that we all seem to make when we are three and want something for our very own.) I managed to restrain myself to only two skeins.  A lovely green merino and a beautiful BFL. To clarify this loveliness was met with a promise from me (and others) to knit something for the wonderful lady, lest you think I am completely selfish.


P.S. This is all in addition to a wonderful skein of BFL I was given the week before from her.


P.P.S. No you may not have Marja’s contact information.

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  1. shellssells permalink

    This post made me laugh right out loud. For real. She seems to be filling up my handspun stash just as fast as I can knit it these days…. 🙂

  2. Marja permalink

    You are TOO kind! I’m happy to let you play with my tools and figure out what you want before making the investment. I’m also happy to share my yarn with my friends! I’d rather share it with you than let it sit around collecting dust. Cause let’s not hold our breath waiting for me to learn to knit! Plus, I have to do SOMETHING to get people to knit the pretty things for me! 🙂

  3. I can’t even tell you how jealous I am. I would be making with the grabby hands as well! I have to remind myself that my handspun stash is getting out of control or I will be far too envious 😛

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