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To the wayside

July 15, 2014

It would seem that my attempts at blogging keeping getting flung to the wayside, abandoned with posts only half finished and pictures not taken. I realize that summer is a busy time for a lot of people and it would seem that I have fallen in with that as well. It has felt as though every night the past few weeks has been booked, whether it is visiting relatives or unpacking boxes, moments of simple relaxation seem harder and harder to come by.

This has led to my reserves being depleted. I like to think that for every so many hours I get to spend alone and recharge factor out to how long I can keep up social interactions. And with less and less time for alone time, I find myself staying up later and later (despite having to get up at the same time every morning for work.) A desperation for some time to claim as my own. The result means I am tired during the day which seems to drain my “batteries” quicker which leads to the desire for more alone time and thus staying up too late. A terrible cycle to be sure. Unfortunately there seems little chance of breaking free for a little while longer. There was a chance to carve out time Sunday, but it was not enough by a long shot.

What did I do on my brief recharge time? Well of course we are still in the thick of Tour De Fleece and so as an attempt to show some solidarity (realistically it was just because I wanted to spin up the newest fiber acquisitions.) I worked on this:

photo (6)

The first two ounces of one of my Dyeabolic braids. This little beauty is The Garden of Live Flowers colorway in 100% polwarth and it is just about as beautiful to spin up as it looks.

In terms of what to do with the other half and the whole mess together. I have been thinking either a chain ply of the whole thing, or to try to just mash it all together. (although I am open to other ideas)

1) Chain plying means less yardage which always sucks

2) Mashing it together means I don’t get (or at least won’t likely) get as good of a color preservation.

Those are my main points against the two different ones. Reverse them and you get my pros for the other one. Essentially I mean this:

1) Chain plying means color preservation

2) Mashing means an increase in yardage.

So dear readers, what are your thoughts on the matter?



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  1. Marja permalink

    You really can’t go wrong either way. Yes, they are very different looks but that’s the fun of it. Also, LOVE this colorway. I may need to order this some time.

  2. I love chain plying. I almost always end up doing it with hand-painted braids, because I love keeping the colors as they were dyed. However, I have been seeing some pretty exciting mashups lately, so I would say follow your gut!

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