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Question for the Audience

July 24, 2014

Sorry for the absence. My laptop is Mia for the time being which means that to type I am relegated to my phone, which sucks. Rest assured I have not disappeared completely.

I request your patience in the mean time.

For now a question for you all. Are you participating in tour de fleece, if so what has been your greatest challenge so far? If you aren’t, any reason why not? For those that don’t spin would you participate in something like this for your respective craft, why or why not?

Let us know in the comments.

Until next time dear readers.


From → Fiber Arts

  1. I am doing it, and my biggest challenge was spinning up a laceweight in undyed fiber. It really required some perseverance, because usually it’s the color shifts that keep me interested in my spinning.

  2. Marja permalink

    I’m also participating this year for the first time. For me the biggest challenge has been that it’s LONG. I’m good about spinning every day but I’ve taken on a fairly fast and furious pace to my projects and while that is really productive, I’m kind of tired now that I’m here in the home stretch. And by no means does a person need to be so fast and furious, I just have kind of defaulted to that. It’s in my nature. So it’s been very fun, I’ve hit some new spinning achievements and I’d do it again!

  3. I don’t spin is why not, and yes, I would participate in something like this for crafts I do. I am loving the #sockswithSarah knit along – it makes me very productive and focused. I still knit other things, but I work on my socks every day. and amazing things are piling up – socks and confidence.

  4. I’m not very good at prolonged group activity, even in the solitude of my own home. I don’t enjoy committing to an every day theme activity, heck I can’t even watch tv shows that have to be followed at a certain time each week: i simply forget. I’m also not into sports, so anything resembling or mimicking doesn’t really get my fire going. So while I can perhaps understand the fun this could be, I just basically can’t be bothered. 😉 I’d be stressed out more likely having to do something every day, because you know, life happens and then the plan gets in the way. And then I’m NOT having fun, I’m just fulfilling an obligation that’s not even remotely going to influence anybody anyway. It’s not like it’s a deadline to cure ebola or something! (ooops – I guess that means I just admitted that I think the whole thing is silly. I’d have loved it when I was 14, I swear!)

  5. shellssells permalink

    I am participating this year. The biggest challenge is actually spinning each day during a time of the year I have very little time to spin. Also, bonus points for knowing I won’t actually complete what I set out to complete, which brings out my sense of failure due to my competitive nature.

    The reason I participated this year was the potential for prizes. I do, however, think it is safer for me to just participate on my own with my own goals and agendas.

    • Yeah, failure. Why set oneself up for feeling crummy over something that’s supposed to be relaxing? But I’d fall into that trap as well and get major stress responses.

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