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Finally Something

July 30, 2014

It seems to have taken forever (okay more like a week and a half) to have something to share with you all. With the laptop being MIA (the giant swiped it for a work trip) to staying busy with work stuff it seems as though there has been little time for much blogging. Crafting on the other hand continued, although it has definitely hit a lag in speed. My latest and greatest piece to show off is my single contribution to TdF (Tour de Fleece for those playing along at home) while I wasn’t officially participating or anything, the amount of time it took me to finish this spin coincided pretty well with the dates of the Tour. The fiber was part of my latest acquisition, I managed to snag two braids from Dyebolical during her pre-Tour sale. 

I chose the Garden of Live Flowers colorway because I felt I needed something completely different than the blue merino that I was (and am) working on. Additionally our Lady Marja (a semi-regular here on the blog and part of the we love Horace fan club) ended picking up the Thunderboom colorway as well and I wanted to see what her’s looked like before I took the dive on mine. 

This braid (and the Thunderboom one) are 100% polwarth which is a first for me. I know that BFL will always hold a dear place in my heart (because why wouldn’t it) but this stuff is seriously hitting a close second for me. I was a little unsure of it in the beginning due in large part to my fear of it being too scratchy/too difficult to spin. Guys? This stuff is like buttah. I don’t know if it was just the awesomeness of Dyebolical Yarns (which I can not rave enough about) or if it is the magical properties of Polwarth, but this fiber produced probably the best skein I have ever made. Seriously. It’s soft and squishy and lovely and I just want to hug it and squish it and call it George..ahem. Anyway trust me when I say that this stuff was wonderful.

And if you don’t trust me just look at this.

garden of live flowers 1 

The yarn itself is seen here in it’s post washed state, and can I just say a good bath did wonders (so did a good thwack to distribute the twist) but the best part was the water came out clean. Yes, you read that right, clean as in there wasn’t extra dye to get all over my hands (or my sink.) 

Want another photo of the lovely skein? Of course you do.


garden of live flowers plus kitteh


This one you can see the edge of some Tabby cat toes, one of them decided they just had to take a nap on my desk and no matter how many times I attempted to move him out of the way I couldn’t manage a decent shot. So let’s pretend this was just for scale and reference…yeah see that totally works. 

Anyway I ended spinning part of this on a drop spindle (I can’t recall if it was Marja’s or mine…let’s be honest if the Bosworth was anywhere near me I probably spun it on that) mainly it was just the first section of green and then the rest was done up on my little Prelude, Beatrice. It’s been a while since I took her out and all and since she is still mine for the foreseeable future I figured why not. I debated chain plying this but in the end due to the color combo and the simple fact that the braid ended up being split pretty evenly in half, I thought why not and went for a 2 ply. 

Yardage clocks in at just around 310 yards which is by far the best for 4 ounces that I have had in awhile (possibly ever.)

I am debating about turning it into a nice squish cowl, a little shawl, a hat and mitten combo or leaving it as is and using it as a threat for any fiber that attempts to give me grief (I am looking at you blue merino, you bet your subtle hue changes I am.)



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  1. Marja permalink

    It turned out so lovely!

  2. I like this colorway even more as handspun than I do as dyed yarn. Beautiful!!

  3. shellssells permalink

    Oh my goodness it is GORGEOUS! And it looks SO soft! Yep, that’s certainly another winning colorway.

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