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Randomly on Wednesday

August 6, 2014

Despite my best efforts I seem to suffering from a serious case of writer’s-block and as such the blog has been..well it’s been about as barren as the Tundra in the middle of winter. Apologies for the long absences, the lack of actual knitting/spinning/crafting in general content has caused me to fly low under the radar, that and the fact that there seems to be some sort of lock on my ability to actually come up with anything that I think would interest any of you. I have been told that I can be a bit hard on myself (read critical) and so in an effort to make it up to you (and for a lack of better organization) I present to you all a random list for your Wednesday.

1) I currently have three pairs of socks on the needles, all in various stages of completion.

2) To the previously mentioned socks-in-progress only one has its mate and it is far and away the one I want to work on the least.

3) I also have a shawl, a cowl and a hat currently on the needles and although this doesn’t actually complete the list, they are the only ones that seem to be in the more immediate progress section

4) I say more immediate progress section because the reality is there has been little actual knitting going on over here.

5) Spinning has also become halted, I have yet to start a new braid of anything because I feel my hand spun stash (and well my commercial stash…well no really just my yarn stash in general) has expanded to the point where I need/want to knit some down.

6) This proves a problem because of the whole not knitting much thing.

7) The Giant and I have been working our way through the television show the West Wing lately and while I often lament that I didn’t have a chance to watch it when it was on, I am also realizing that I am understanding and appreciating the wit and brilliance of the writing a lot more as an adult.

8) The writing on that show makes me want to write stories like that. Not necessarily politically based or for a television, but something that grasps the fast-paced intelligence and humor that seems to so subtly creep up in almost every moment.

9) I have also found myself wishing that I would have studied more Political Science in college (I did minor in the subject at least.)

10) I really don’t have much else to say at this point (see lack of content comment above.)

11) Do you have anything you want me to talk about? (See lame attempt to help generate content 🙂 )


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  1. Serenova permalink

    “Babylon 5” was one of those shows I didn’t understand in the 90s when I was a kid and rewatching it in my 20s made a world of difference. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but at only 5 seasons, it’s not TOO long. It’s not on Netlfix though (unfotunately – but it is on Amazon Prime if you have that).

    As for knitting, I’ve lost a bit of my mojo as well. Partially because I have so many projects going on. I’m planning to focus on one, finish it and just work my way through the list. I’ve found that a project overload can seriously slow me down because I can’t decide what to work on!

    If you want to write something, and you’ll enjoy it, go for it! We need more subtly intelligent things out there. And hey, you could talk about what you’re writing on your blog. Besides, having some ideas for when NaNoWriMo rolls around is always good. 😀

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