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Holiday Knitting

August 17, 2014

There are few things as demoralizing as having to rip back a nearly finished sock because of an error way too far back to fix. (I suppose having to rip back two socks might trump that, and in which case I consider myself lucky and should just move on, but we all know I won’t.) This is in addition to the fact that the sock in question is/was meant for the Giant. I can say that having some wine and good friends around does help, but marginally so when one takes into account the fact that I haven’t been able to knit nearly as much lately and so that sock felt even more hard-won than usual. Color me a little bitter.

There is still no word on the cause of the hand issues, although one big thing was ruled out (for now.) Any knitting or spinning has been moving at a glacial pace which is okay, but still frustrating. Reprieve came by way of an unrelated reason, in terms holiday knitting, the  list has shrunk considerably thanks to people opting out of exchanging gifts this year. There are still a few people I plan on knitting for this year which means it’s time to break down and actually see what I have in the stash that would be usable for gifts. As far as I can tell from a cursory look there shouldn’t be a reason to go out and purchase anymore yarn which is good, because I really would like to start using up some of the stash.

Normally around this time I could be found gearing up for (or already in the middle of) holiday projects, but that is also when the list was quite a bit longer.

So far the plan is as follows:

1. Pair of socks for the Giant

2. Pair of socks for MIL

3.Bearded hats for the niece and nephews (4)

4. Dino hat for nephew (1)

5. Some type of hat  for niece (1)

No idea if I will actually be able to accomplish it all this year, between health issues and work there seems to be little time for actual knitting, or even a solid will to knit. This lack of desire has left me feeling rather odd; not quite like myself even. As someone who turns to knitting as way to de-stress and engage my introverted-ness I have felt something serious lacking. Which brings me to my next pointing serious  apologies for the lack of posts, content seems to be running thin and I sometimes wonder if it is better to not post as opposed to posting about nothing in particular. Thoughts?

Thanks and welcome to all the newest followers, I appreciate you taking the time to check out this little corner of the internet.

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  1. Personally I post as it pleases me (I am bad at schedules.) I think you should post when you want to, not as an obligation.

  2. I think posting whenever you feel like it is just fine. When I follow blogs I just check my wordpress reader for one I haven’t read before so even if you weren’t posting regularly, so long as it was something of interest to me I would still read it.
    I wouldn’t force anything with something you love!

  3. I think you should not be concerned by the pace of your posting – your readers appreciate whenever you feel like writing and it should not be forced upon you 🙂
    Similarly, it is not an issue (at least to me) whether you post knitting content or another topic of your fancy!
    It’s YOUR blog and you should express what you think & feel, really 🙂
    All the best for your health issues and hopefully the interest in knitting will come back once you feel less in pain.

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