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The Halfway Point

September 8, 2014

I finally have something to share and not only that, but it is actually fiber related (woohoo!) I have reached the halfway point on a pair of socks, which of course means that I have one whole sock to show you! photo (7)

This beauty was started back in June and has been languishing in the WIP pile for all of summer. I would take it out to be worked on whenever I felt up to the task (which wasn’t often) the sock represents a lot of frustrated moments and times where I cursed my hands for failing me at something like this, but despite all of that I am in love with the thing.

It is the prefect colors for fall, and it makes me ridiculously happy to know that it is finally going to be cool enough to wear it (and its eventual mate.) It’s a little bit of progress that comes out of a sea of a whole lot of nothing, but the sock is a sock, is a sock. Ya know?

Anyway just wanted to share my little victory with you all.

I hope your Monday is off to a good start.

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  1. It’s a lovely creation, alone or in a pair 😉

  2. Yaaaaaaay!! Go you!

  3. shellssells permalink

    How gorgeous is that? And what amazing colors! That is one nice looking sock!

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