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September 19, 2014

Cross Stitch In Progress

Just a little update from the land of the Introverted Knitter. The next round of cross stitch progress for your Friday. I have added the tree branch and the little owl along the top, and ended up shifting a bit from the pattern (again.) Essentially I added some length to the branch the wee owl is sitting on, and I am planning on turning the branch into a tree, forgoing the candy pieces that make up the rest of the little sampler.

So far the cross stitch doesn’t seem to aggravate my hands which is fantastic news as I have been itching for something to do besides reading. Which leads me into random thing number two. I have finished the Game of Thrones Book Two (Clash of Kings) I actually finished about a week ago and have already started on book three. I definitely enjoyed book two more than book one, I think having an investment in the characters made the book zoom along for me. Book three is longer by about 200 and thus far has been a slightly different flavor in terms of story lines. I won’t say much beyond that in terms of plots but I can say that the series itself is very fun and definitely a well thought out “universe.” I would recommend it if you are into fantasy and/or middle ages type of “history.” I will be the first to say it isn’t for everyone, but I do think that the if someone is into that kind of concepts that they should give it a try. As a history/religious studies fan I definitely enjoy aspects of the universe.

In other news my birthday is coming up this weekend and while I tend to avoid any real big celebrations I do think the Giant and I will mark the occasion in some small way, the decision probably being determined with how I am feeling. Anyway happy finally Friday to you all and I hope you have a great weekend.



  1. the stitching looks fun! I am glad you have found an outlet that doesn’t hurt. Hope you and the giant have a good time making merry for your birthday.

  2. I love your cross-stitch. I used to do a lot of cross stitch, but knitting and free embroidery ave over taken it … for now!

  3. Yay cross stitch! I like doing embroidery, though I haven’t really tried cross stitch 🙂 I’m glad you’ve been able to find an outlet that won’t hurt your hands!

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