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September 29, 2014

Readers, I have a new pretty to show you. Thanks to the awesome magic skills of Ms. Marja I am now the proud new-to-me owner of my very own Bosworth spindle. You may remember my not so subtle coveting of Marja’s Bossie spindle a while ago (here) and since then I have been keeping an eye out for one of my very own. I joined a few destash groups on Ravelry, but always seemed to catch one for sale after someone else had managed to swoop in and grab it. I resigned myself to having to purchase new (which isn’t terrible by any means.) The hunt continued as I toyed with combos, although I (and Marja) noticed that there seemed to be a severe lack of zebra wood middi’s available. Now of course I didn’t have to have the zebra wood, a Bossie is a Bossie…is a Bossie, but I have always kind of liked zebras and the striping of the wood is just gorgeous. So imagine my surprise when Ms. Marja sent me a quick little note mentioning that she managed to snatch one off a destash and asked if I would like it. I can safely tell you I read the email about three times (very quickly) before responding with a very enthusiastic yes. Thanks to some birthday funds I was able to buy it from her and this past Wednesday I received my lovely.


I had decided to bring along some fiber I had been saving for a special occasion and this seemed like a great way to break in the new spindle. The fiber is a wonderful braid of Polwarth from Dyeabolical Yarns in the Thunderboom colorway. Ironically this is the second fiber Marja and I managed to by the same color of. The first was at the Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival this past summer. This fiber is a wonderful combo of greens,blues and grays that combine to make some lovely and interesting singles. The astute among you may notice the small ball in the background of this photo, that is the stuff I spun Wednesday night and part of Thursday evening after work. I decided to split the fiber vertically into strips and that ball marked the first strip. I am hoping to chain ply and end up with a lovely striping skein.

I am loving the colors and the spindle and have been spinning pretty much every evening (or day on the weekend) much to the cat’s enjoyment. One seems to be in love with the fiber and another is fascinated with the spindle itself. I do find it funny that at least two of the cats seem to have discerning tastes when it comes to fiber of the three of them one is a sucker for BFL (me too) and now the second one seems to covet the Polwarth (which who could blame him, right?) The last one as of now just seems to think spinning and knitting are a game that he must get involved with and play until I have to chase him off a little ways.

Speaking of cats, the three of them are finally starting to get along fairly well. There have been a few squabbles along the way but 3 months in we achieved a victory. Here;s to some peace in our little corner of the world.



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  1. Marja permalink

    What a lovely first Bossie! I’m glad you’re enjoying it so much. The Thunderboom is looking fantastic.

  2. That spindle is indeed a beauty, and so is the yarn that you’re starting to spin. Enjoy. And post more pictures, please, for those of us who admire the art and craft of spinning but who are desperately trying not to acquire another time-devouring hobby…

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