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November 18, 2014

This past Sunday in a fit of anxiety and a desire to “control all the things” I decided to protect my sanity (and that of everyone else’s) by instead channeling this…er passion into something relatively controllable, the stash. I have spoken a few times of my yarn stash here on the blog, and among some fiber friendly people, but for the most part the stash exists in its own little world. I have maintained its health with regular feedings and sustained the integrity with some pruning around the edges.

For some reason, after an ill-fated attempt at shoveling the snow we ended up getting on Sunday, (oh hey there fibro…no, no I didn’t forget about you for too long, trust me)  I felt that it was entirely necessary for me to focus what little energy I had left to taking stock of all the yarn and fiber I have been stock piling for the last few years. A big push came from the fact that some rather large shopping days in the US are coming up rather shortly. I have in the past, relied on one particular vendor’s pretty fantastic Cyber Monday yarn sale to seriously increase the stash size. However in the last year I have found myself not only branching out from their items not only through my local yarn stores, but also through dealings with other online vendors, which has left me a little less enthused with the wares. I can’t say with absolute certainty that I won’t visit their website, but I definitely don’t anticipate participating in such a large purchase this year.

In general I don’t see myself jumping headlong into any major yarn purchases at this point (the exception being if my latest obsession, Sweet Georgia Yarns, Tough Love Sock, were to go on sale, because I am having some serious grabby hands going on for that stuff.) The whole not buying yarn can be in part attributed to the stash toss I did on Sunday, it is also born out of the fact, with the exception of the a fore mentioned grabby hands inducing stuff, that I don’t find really feel compelled to buy all the things this year.

The stash toss definitely let me learn a few things about myself, or at least my earlier knitting career.

1)I have quite a lot of yarn.

2)The vast majority of yarn in my stash was picked up because it was on sale (the previously mentioned Cyber Monday sale being the main culprit)

3) The yarn in my stash isn’t entirely reflective of the kind of yarn I want to be knitting with.

4)There is a lot of items I said I would knit that I have never gotten around to.

5) I haven’t kept up with my stash on Ravelry (this has been remedied)

6) I haven’t kept up with my projects on Ravelry (working on this)

7) I am at the point where I feel comfortable spending a bit more on yarn that I love

8) I want to thin out the stash in order to make room for the grabby hands inducing yarns

9) I don’t feel bothered by the size of my stash

10) I do feel a bit bothered by the content of my stash.

To this end I have decided to attempt to limit my buying of yarn for the next small while in order to work through some of my yarn. I am not going cold-sheep or anything, but I also want to be mindful of not only what I am bringing into the stash, but also what I am getting out of it. I have had yarns sitting in their since 2011 and I would rather have a better turn over rate than that. So for the foreseeable future I am going to try and work through the stash, and limit what I feed it.

So have any of you taken stock of your stash lately? Do you find yourself excited by what you find within the confines of your stash, or do you have some “fell victim to the yarn fumes and sale prices”? Any favorite stash busting projects you like to use?


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  1. ahhh…the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales….I got sucked into Knit Picks “Big Sale” and bought 11 new skeins of yarn. I needed more yarn like I need a hole in my head…but oh my gosh the yarn is beautiful and half price to boot….I’m thinking yarn diet for 2015…I really need to do something with all the Red Heart that started my yarn stash…aggh.

  2. It’s interesting how our stash documents our change in taste, isn’t it? And it can tell us so much about ourselves. I’ve had more than a few “but it was on sale!” purchases that later I realized it was the only reason I bought it. I’m working on being more deliberate in my purchases myself. I’ve been working on either using or selling what I’m no longer in love with and trying to slow down on my buying. I have bought so much that was for projects I realize that I will never wear. Big projects, sadly. Heh.

  3. I hear you! I have a less than stellar shelf or two of stash I’m not particularly proud of. I also tend to have stash for small projects like hats or mitts, not the giant shawls or sweaters I want to make. So that’s what I’m trying to do, knit the hats and mitts and socks to “curb” the stash 🙂

  4. I’m in the same boat stash wise. When I first started stash building, it was essentially with anything pretty, eye catching, and generally on sale. I hit a ton of bulk mystery sales and have a boatload of acrylic that I’ve slowly been going through making gifts. I still am a bad impulsive buyer, but little by little I’ve started planning my projects more and buying less impulsively and I have segregated my junk yarn from my good yarn, as well as the project good yarn from the non project. I’m pretty sure my husband thinks I’m batshit insane over this method, but it’s helping me keep perspective of my goals.

  5. I go gaga over the colors in variegated yarns, and then too often I’m disappointed by how they knit up 😣 I need to be more mindful of possible projects for my stuff.

  6. shellssells permalink

    I used to get excited about a pattern and then buy yarn for it. Then, maybe I’d get around to knitting the pattern, maybe not. Then, the pattern might fall out of favor before I get to knit it. Now, I take great pleasure in taking yarn from my stash and finding a pattern that will fit it. I also like to see large holes in my stash, though those often get filled right back up with handspun. This doesn’t seem like a bad thing.

  7. Weaving plain scarves on the cricket loom. You can crank one out in a long afternoon and use up a couple of skeins. And, you can play with all kinds of color combos. I hear they make excellent gifts…. 😉

  8. sparkeespud permalink

    Ahh the stash. One thing I have done that has really helped curb the impulse buying if yarn is to keep a rather organized queue on Ravelry. I add projects I want to knit, mark it stash yarn or add the appropriate notes of what and how much of something I would need to make it. The when I hit up a shop on a trip, holiday sale, or at random I can go look at my queue and know precisely what I need. Helps minimize things that just end up sitting.

  9. I just organized my stash recently. And then added to it some more, haha! I’m leaning towards a No New Yarn in 2015 resolution to force myself to finish a few of those projects I haven’t gotten around to. Who is it that has such a good cyber Monday sale?

  10. I can so relate to this! The problem is that there are just so many lovely yarns out there, so many great patterns, and NOT ENOUGH time! I am trying to curb my spending in anticipation of the Vogue Knitting Live in NYC in January, and diligently try to delete all Yarn Sale emails that come my way. It is so hard!!!
    I have so many great yarns and patterns in queue, and yet I am continously tempted by others!!! I think I need a support group…

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