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Minor Milestone

November 21, 2014

It is with minor sadness and more than a wee bit of pride that I inform you of the passing of the Merino Socks, formally known as a skein of Malabrigo sock yarn. The first entered the world on June 18th 2013 and their creation was shared with the dear readers of this very blog. A well-loved pair of socks, they met their demise this past week, while performing their duty with the utmost of vigor. They leave behind a somewhat heart-broken Giant, a proud and accepting knitter as well as a partial ball of left over yarn. Services for the sock were conducted the other day with loved ones in attendance. The ceremony was brief, with a fond farewell given to the pair.




While this is ultimately a rather sad occasion, there is more than a bit of pride in the fact that these socks lasted almost two years and this was despite the lack of nylon. This also marks the first pair of socks to have met their end by doing their job, aka being worn. (We shall not mention the incident with the washer and an unfamiliar helper to the ways of non-superwash wool. ) The Giant has been assured that rather than being upset at this situation, I am actually happy. These socks were well-loved and well-worn which is pretty much all that I ask for in terms of knits. I did pacify him a bit, by the promise of another pair for him, although getting him to pick out yarn seems to be akin to attempting to nail jello to a tree.

So have any of you sock knitters walked holes through your work? Ever had an item/gift worn through due to use, how did you feel?


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  1. I haven’t been knitting long enough to have this happen to a pair of my socks…I did however have a sock tragedy with the dryer of a beautiful pair if socks that I loved…poor things became a burn victim and I was devastated for days. I still have them although I can’t use them for their purpose because I can’t bare to part with them.

  2. RIP guys!

  3. sparkeespud permalink

    I have one pair out of all of mine that have a hole in them. This was due to a pair of shoes-that-must-not-be-named wearing in the worst possible spot. I am considering sock surgery because I love them so.

  4. I’ve definitely worn holes in a few of my sock pairs…and some gloves too. There is a certain level of pride involved!

  5. Lindsey permalink

    That is very bittersweet. I have never had a desire to knit socks, and now I certainly don’t since I could not handle the death of a hand knit item. Now, go knit more socks!

  6. LOL. Clever. Thanks for the laugh. I also don’t want to get into sock knitting because I think I would be bereft when holes developed.

  7. Missy's Crafty Mess permalink

    I don’t knit socks for this reason. I think they are beautiful and fun to knit and wear but I like my handy work to last.

  8. shellssells permalink

    Let me tell you the story of my pair of monkey socks out of a wool/silk single. Of all the yarns I could have knit socks out of, that was perhaps the worst choice. However, they made a luxurious and wonderfully thin pair of socks that I wore just about every other day for years. Right through the summer. They were beautiful, and they felted up nicely around the heels and toes, and they actually wore very well. And then, they developed holes in the heels after a good 4 years of constant wear. At that point, I already felt I was wearing them on borrowed time, so II wasn’t too upset.

    Alternately, there was the skein of yellow yarn I bought to knit the Fox Faces socks (Which is a fab pattern btw.) This skein was purchased at a booth at stitches midwest. It was SOCK YARN. So much to my amazement, they developed a hole the first day I wore them. I repaired that hole, wore them again, and they developed a hole in the other sock. Now that was maddening.

    Congrats on this milestone. I know The Giant loves his socks, and it looks like they loved him back for a couple years. There’s always more where those came from, and as his stash of socks increases, so will the length of time before they develop holes.

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