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December 1, 2014

I finished two adorable knitting projects this past long weekend and they were a special request from a co-worker for her daughters for Christmas. This is one of those few (possibly only) times I actually knit with the yarn called for in the pattern. They turned out adorably well in my opinion, and after handing them off this past Saturday the response was a resounding “awww.”

IMG_0855The photo for the second hat was way too blurry to share, but imagine the one above, but slightly larger and with green buttons okay?

The pattern is Burton Bear Cowl, by Heidi May. A quick and easy pattern (when one, actually you know reads the pattern…sigh) I ended up using three balls of the Wool-Ease thick and quick for two of them, one child and one toddler. I did have to make the toddler one just a wee bit shorter than the pattern calls for because I was starting to run out of yarn, and I tweaked the ears because I just didn’t care for the written instructions. Lastly I didn’t add the button band portion because I was on running on fumes by that point, and I knew I wanted to use two buttons each.

All in all though, I am pleased with how they turned out. I can definitely see this as a go to pattern, although I don’t have much in my stash that would work unless held double, triple, or more!

I hope all my American readers had a great Thanksgiving. I managed to survive a house full of extroverted people, but it wasn’t easy. Luckily the Giant was understanding and didn’t mind when I went and hid in the bedroom with the cats. In the end it was definitely worth the exhaustion I felt on Sunday and today, because Thanksgiving is still my favorite. Not just because of the green bean casserole and pumpkin pie, but those don’t hurt.

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  1. Sara Crafts permalink

    I’ve made 4 of those cowls (so far). I’m amazed by the response to them. Out of everything I’ve ever knit, these bulky bear cowl… things… have been the most popular. Although I myself squealed a bit at the cuteness of it on my two year old. Even I’m not immune, it seems. Lol

    Yours turned out fantastic. I love the buttons you chose!

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