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December 3, 2014

There may be a few among you who can recall my recent obsession with Sweet Georgia yarn, such that I purchased a skein back in October and started knitting with it and then about a week later (mainly due to time constraints on my part) I promptly went out and bought two more skeins of the stuff, having the LYS wind up a skein for me that day. The result of course is that now I have been fortunate enough to finish two pairs of socks within a relatively short amount of time. We may ignore the small fact that I finished the newest skein first, because let’s not get into my desire to abandon projects in favor of the newest yarn to cross my path. A knitter needs to keep up appearances after all. No instead let us all relish in the fact that instead of having just one finished pair I get to show you all two.


The socks on the left are a 2×2 rib around the leg and then a continuation of the ribbing down the foot. They were knit on 2.25mm (US 1) needles and I cast on 60 stitches. The colorway is midnight garden and it is a a lovely color combo of lime green, blue-green, and purple.

The socks on the right are a basic vanilla. Knit on 2.25mm (US 1) needles and I again cast on 60 stitches, but after the ribbing I decreased by two stitches, hoping to help with the bunching around my ankles. This colorway is called Snap Dragon and it is the lime green with a bright pink and a small smattering of white thrown in.

Both socks were given k1slp1 heel flaps and dutch heels which turned out fine, I do think in the future I will try a different heel because these are just a little off in my opinion. I do love them both and plan on wearing them as often as I can as they are soft but not too soft, which I hope means little to no pilling/compaction, a common problem with some of my other softer socks. I used right around half the skein for each pair, I am calling that a win, especially with the idea of having contrasting cuff, heel and toes giving me a chance for another pair of each. One of the small advantages of having little feet.

So how are your projects coming along? Any yarn you are just gaga for ? Ever tried Sweet Georgia tough love sock?

  1. I’ve never bought any Sweet Georgia yarn, but every time I hear about it I start humming “Sweet Georgia Brown” in my head. The colors are luscious!

  2. I have succumb to many Black Friday/Cyber Monday yarn offers, and realized that I have 3 (2 scarves and a hat) new projects coming in one of the boxes as well as 2 projects (a cowl and a scarf or other object) in another. I keep wondering when I am going to do the projects already lined up, and eagerly (or maybe not since others are taking their place in the queue) waiting to be done.

  3. shellssells permalink

    We’ve had the death of two pairs of handknit socks this week. It’s been rough. One of them was Bug’s treasured pair (Malabrigo too!) that she wears until they stink so bad I have to insist she remove them. She’s raided my handknit sock stash and gotten herself two more pairs, but that means I am running low! So, while I didn’t do a Month O’Socks this year, we may have to do one in early 2015.

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