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A Little Lighter

December 8, 2014

Here we are only about 18 days away from Christmas and I am not nearly as frantic as I expected to be. Work is of course busy this time of year, which makes for some tired evenings, but that actually works in my favor this year. The Giant and I braved the big bad world of shopping this past weekend and managed to pick up some of the remaining gifts on our list. There are a few stragglers hanging around for now, but I am hoping to get those knocked in the next week. So hopefully we will have it wrapped up (ha a little holiday humor for you…) aside from our own presents to each other* before enter into the final week countdown.

This year most of the presents will be store-bought, which may be surprising to some of you who have been around for a while. In the last four years since I picked up knitting, I have been bitten by the “knit-all-the-gifts” bug and every year has seen me tackle quite a few different projects for the people in my life. Not this year, no in fact I only have one actual-honest-to-goodness project for Christmas on the needles. I will let the shock wear off for a moment…are you okay? Good. The one gift shall remain unknown at this time due to the fact that I have no real idea if this person reads the blog or has “spies” who do. The project is one I wanted to do and one that I know will be appreciated. I will say that the lone knitted gift isn’t due to anyone being off the knit-worthy list, but rather just a change of pace. Chalk it up to the whole time of not knitting and the recent(ish) fibro diagnosis; combined with work and there you go. I actually anticipate the holidays will be a bit lighter all around this year, which isn’t a bad thing. After having a full house for Thanksgiving, both the Giant and I are looking forward to some down time to enjoy each other’s company and snuggle in with the cats. So this year I will work on my one crafting project and I will keep in mind how peaceful this might actually be instead of running around like a chicken with my head lobbed off. Because of course there is always next year’s gifts to consider, right?

How about you, are you making any handmade gifts this year? Have you finished your holiday shopping?

*the Giant and I decided a while ago that instead of actually buying each other surprise gifts each year, we decided on a price point and let each of us pick out the exact items we would want. This works for us as neither of us are huge into surprises, but I know this isn’t for everyone.

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  1. Serenova permalink

    I’m only making one hand-made gift for the holiday’s this year. My boyfriend and I both know he wouldn’t wear anything I would make him so instead my cousin and his wife are getting a crocheted cat for their 1 year old daughter. Made out of acrylic and stuffed with polyfill because they have two German Shephards. Everyone else is either getting gift cards or other store-bought items.

  2. I have a pair if socks and a hat for each of my two daughters and that is all i am knotting for christmas thiius year. Such a relief to not be titally frenzied.

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