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Wheel Wednesday:Giant’s mitts edition

December 17, 2014

For the better part of the fall and winter the Giant and I have been somewhat battling for control of the thermostat. I say somewhat because really it consists of me turning the temperature down enough where (thanks to the awesomeness of fibro-yes this is sarcasm) I feel like I am not roasting in my clothes and then me turning it back up because the Giant is sitting there in a sweater, long pants, wool socks and 1-3 blankets looking pretty darn chilly. Lucky for me he has been fairly silent in his misery, but I am not without compassion  on this matter,(now you in the back you can just stop that laughing right now) and so when he requested a pair of fingerless mitts to wear, I agreed. Of course the quest then became what yarn to use. He would want something to keep his hands warm, but not too warm (ha, I doubt that would happen) I tossed the stash and came up with a few choices that might work, but there were only really sort of what I was hoping for. And so this past Saturday, because I love him so and want to keep is fingers all nice and toasty we headed to one of our local yarn shops to browse the selection. The fact that the trip may have been prompted more by my desire to get another skein of Sweet Georgia yarn, this time in the Sugar Shack colorway (thanks to Kate over at Stitch Addiction podcast and her lovely fiber of the same colorway) should not dissuade anyone of my ultimate goal of providing the Giant with a pair of mittens. We looked for just the right yarn and after rejecting a few options, we I decided that instead of finding the right yarn, I would make it. Luckily the Giant liked a particular braid of fiber and with that (and the Sweet Georgia yarn) paid for we headed home where I promptly started spinning the fiber on one of my spindles. I think I made it through the first tiny strip (let’s say less than 1/4 of an ounce) before I came to my senses and dug out the wheel. So through the course of Saturday evening through Monday this:


became this


which was wound off Tuesday into this


Where it was then plied together, there is not a photo of that yet, because half of it is still on the wheel (suffice it to say a cat + a loose single/ball + a spinning wheel = two hanks of yarn, a slightly frightened cat and a overly stressed out spinner. Rest assured the cat and yarn are fine…and I should be eventually.)

This whole expedition back into the land of spinning has brought with it a desire to “Stash all the FIBER!” which is where you come in. I would love to hear of your favorites, let me (and everyone else) know what and where you get the fiber you love. Many thanks in advance.

What do you think are the odds I could convince the Giant that all the extra fluff could be used as insulation?

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  1. I love Woolgatherings, Gourmet Stash, SpunRightRound, Inglenook Fibers, and Hobbledehoy, all on Etsy!

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