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FFNF: Special Edition

December 26, 2014

I hope everyone who celebrated had a lovely Christmas and your family didn’t drive you too nuts. The Giant in his infinite wisdom and understanding suggested we stay home for the holiday instead of trying to run ourselves ragged attempting to visit family before having to head back to work the next day. So that is exactly what we did, the two of us relaxed, enjoyed a mini marathon of the Die Hard movies (we only made it to the near end of the 4th one) and had a lovely Christmas dinner just the two of us (and the cats of course.) I can safely say it was by the very best Christmas I have had in recent memory. Unintentionally the Giant gave this introvert the perfect gift for a season that has been extremely busy, stressful and flat out exhausting.

Okay moving on to more fiber specific content. This special edition of Fresh From the Needles Friday should more appropriately be titled Fresh from the Wheel Friday, but that doesn’t have nearly the same ring to it, you know? Anyway the FO that I have to share is the spin I talked about two times ago.


This is a two ply of the singles you saw, it was split into two hanks because as I mentioned there was a small incident with a cat and the wheel and the fiber? Yeah let’s just leave it at that. It clocks in at just around 120yds which isn’t too bad considering how light and airy it seems to be. This is by far my loftiest spin, which I hope doesn’t translate to falling apart while being knit. It seems sturdy enough, so I am hoping it will work. The fiber is a lot thicker than the stuff I normally spin, which should prove interesting when it comes time to knit it up. It’s destined to be a pair of fingerless mitts per the Giant’s request, which means it might be time to secure a pattern. I have a few in mind, but since he wants the actual fingers to be knit up (aka individual finger holes) I am thinking I may have to wing it a bit. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

One Comment
  1. shellssells permalink

    I was going to suggest my favorite Maine Morning Mitts since they show off handspun so well, then I read about the fingers. Never mind. All your projects look amazing!

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