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FFN: Colorful

December 29, 2014

Look at this two posts in a row with some FO’s to show, pretty cool huh? Okay to be fair one of these FO’s is actually from back in November, but I sort of forgot to take photos until now. But I think I should get points for at least getting that taken care of eventually. Right, so there are actually three things to show you (I know color me shocked as well.)

The first is a hand spun hat, using the Sockhead hat pattern by Kelly McClure. I have knit at least two other of these hats and I just love them. It is a free pattern that uses fingering weight yarn and allows for a some what customized slouchy hat. I say customized because after knitting the first one I made a point to follow as written, but realized that I ended up with a too slouchy of a hat. So for hat’s two and now three I ended up curbing the length of the main hat portion by a few inches. The result is a lovely and warm (but not too warm) hat.

image_medium2 (4)


The second FO is from yarn I managed to snag during the Knit Picks Cyber Sale. I am such a sucker for the KP Felici yarn and these are such a bright and fun contrast to this drab time of year.

image_medium2 (3)These were knit out of my basic vanilla pattern, with a bit longer leg and an “afterthought” heel. I don’t often try the afterthought heel, although with these I am having some difficulty in remembering why. They are a bit fiddly, but luckily not difficult to take on. The socks are soft and squishy and wonderful and will definitely be a bright spot when I need it.

The last FO is a hat that was a few months in the making. Awhile ago the Giant and I pulled out our winter items and I noticed that the hat I made him last year was looking a little worse for wear. A well-loved hat to be sure, I just found myself noticing how much my skill had improved since last year and so I offered to make him another one. Because honestly with snow and coldness supposedly heading our way, having more than one hat can definitely come in handy. So the Giant and I went out and found some yarn he liked, Berroco Vintage in a shockingly bright red. I mean shocking, so much so that my fairly good camera was having serious issues trying to deal. The biggest issue I faced with this whole project (aside from the photo difficulties) was picking a pattern. I was given free rein in terms of pattern, his only request being that I make it long enough to completely cover his ears. So I browsed Ravelry on and off for almost two months before settling on the pattern. After having considered so many options I felt it was in my best interest to cast the darn thing on as soon as I settled on a pattern (I had a few false starts before.) Of course as with most things once I actually sat down to do the knitting the hat came together surprisingly fast. Funny how that works huh?

Anyway, the pattern is Cap Karma Hat by SmarieK, with two modifications. The first being quite a bit longer ribbing, she states about eight rows and I am sure I did about triple that, if not more just to ensure it would cover the Giant’s ears. The second modification was to continue the cabling up through the crown, I used the pattern from this website. All in all it a quick and easy pattern that produces a lovely overall cabled look. I am actually considering a hat for me out of the pattern, although I can’t decide if it would be weird to have matching patterned hats or not? I don’t feel like we have hit that point where we start dressing alike.

Forgive me for the rather washed out photo, as mentioned above the camera was struggling, and my limited abilities with photo editing weren’t cutting it.

image_medium2 (2)

All in all not a bad weekend for finished projects. Of course now the question becomes what should I cast on next?

Happy Monday!


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  1. They’re all rather beautiful, but I especially love the mingling colours in your Sockhead hat.

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