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2014: Goals in review

December 31, 2014

As I did last year at this time I have decided to look back at the goals I set for myself for the past year and see just how far I made it.

These were goals that I thought were reasonable at the time and with my current life situation. Of course the last year has seen a lot of dramatic twists and turns (Leaving school, staring a new job, buying a house, adopting another cat, the summer of not knitting and a fibro diagnosis to name a few big ones.) So it should be rather interesting to see just where everything landed compared to my thoughts for this past year. The italics are the actual goals and the bold sections are my comments, the results.

1. Knit at least 7 pairs of socks for The Giant. (How could I not knit for him when he calls the socks, “like wonderful woolly hugs for your feet.” ?) Wow in the last year I have only made the giant two pairs of socks, what the heck is up with that? I mean I have a pair for him on the needles currently but seriously I seem to have dropped the ball on this one. I will chalk a lot of it up to the summer of not knitting, but still I want to step up my game. 

2. Knit at least 3 things from hand spun. (My stash of hand spun yarns seems to be growing rather quickly and I really do want to make something from them, and no I won’t count decorative pets for my desk as one.) I managed to knock this one out on a technicality. I stated hand spun, not necessarily my hand spun (although that was implied) but I did manage to knit three things from hand spun. Two were from my stash and one was from the lovely work of Ms. Marja.

3.Air/Organize the stash. (This one has technically already been completed, I ended up giving my MIL a rather large bag of yarn that I was not going to use thereby reducing my stash from 7 bins (of varying sizes) to 5 bins. I did not take photos and my Ravelry stash page isn’t up to date, but it is something I hope to tackle in the next few days.) I know that I did get this one accomplished, I did this twice in the last year for sure and a few times with the smaller sections. Updating Ravelry has actually gotten better which is encouraging and helpful. So yay me.

4.Make things for the long-range planning box. (This is an idea I got from the Yarn Harlot for last year and something I am hoping to do again this year. I know that I ended up having far fewer things to knit this last year because we gave the nieces and nephews tie blankets (they were a hit btw) but this next year might prove to be a bit more on the hand knit heavy side. (This is due in a small part because my MIL asked when she might be able to secure another pair of hand knit socks. This was while she was wearing her Christmas ones. Update on the holiday socks, she slipped them on very shortly after opening them (5-10 minutes or so), yay for a well received gift and bonus points for fitting so well.) Well this ended up being a bit of a downer, but it worked out. I got blind-sided by the whole not knitting thing which threw off the long-range planning (that and securing a full-time job, because that definitely cuts into knitting time.) It did work out this year since I only ended up making one gift this year, and those were finished before the holidays. I do think over all the long-range planning box is a good idea.

5. Knit from stash. (Note that this didn’t say knit only from stash, but rather just a general statement of wanting to knit more from stash. (Gotta cover my bases) The thing is I have tons of lovely yarns that I bought for one reason or another and I really do want to use them. While I might have to go through and cull the herd one or two more times to get it down to yarns I know I will actually use, I still have enough that I know I want to use. My biggest problem has been just forcing myself to use them. My fellow fiber friends know what this is like, you get something brilliant for your stash and you may have a project for it at first, but in reality it ends up sitting in the stash. This might be because it was bought on a special trip, or it is a really high quality, or it’s too small of a quantity to make the item it would be perfect for, or even because it was limited edition (or it is now discontinued.) Whatever the reason it becomes difficult to knit with it and it just sits in the stash waiting. I am going to call this one a tie, because I made a point to knit from stash quite a bit this year, but I also most certainly added to that stash as well. Of course I really don’t have a problem with the size of my stash, nor with the idea of it growing larger. I think for me even now it is just about actually using the lovelies in there I know that I want to have a yarn stash, not necessarily a yarn collection. 

So there you have it, my goals for last year and the results. I don’t think I did too bad all things considered. I am still attempting to make up my list for 2015 but have a few ideas in mind. I do have to say writing them out for all to see (whether you read it or not) does make me a bit more diligent (obviously not always) which is good. I can see the idea of being more mindful as a theme and an overall goal for 2015.

How about you, did you mange to make your goals for 2014, thinking about setting any for 2015?


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  1. Serenova permalink

    Knitting wise I got some of my goals done, but other life goals… Like getting a job, etc., those didn’t quite happen. Here’s to hoping 2015 is better than 2014!

  2. Congrats on what you did get done. I didn’t get near done what I wanted, so I will make the new list and give it another go

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