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Personal Sock Club: January

January 2, 2015

What am I knitting in terms of socks this month?

It started with this pile and the giant choosing one bag


Which was opened after midnight on January 1st. To reveal…..


Knit picks Felici in the Stream Bed colorway!

I cast them on shortly after this photo was taken and by Thursday mid morning on our journey I was here:


So just a point of reference if you checked out the video from yesterday the brown I mentioned in this colorway? Yeah I was totally wrong it’s a dark mossy/olive-green. Whoops.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Marja permalink

    The brown paper bags with a surprise inside…yeah, that’s SUPER fun! I like it and can’t wait to see what you work on.

    • shellssells permalink

      Marja, you should do something similar with some of your fiber! A once a month surprise spin.

  2. I’m doing something similar this year. I picked out 12 sock patterns and the yarn I will use for each and put all the info on index cards and I will pick one index card per month and cast on the socks. Good luck….I hope you are able to achieve your goals…happy knitting 🙂

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