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A new hat

January 19, 2015

I have something to share, and although this is not quite fresh from the needles, it is within the last 2 weeks (which I am going to call a win at this point.) One of my desires, resolutions, goals for 2015 is to use up some of my hand spun, it is a bit sad when one considers just how much there is and how little I seem to be working with it…but I digress. That goal is definitely going to be an ongoing one, but I can at least add a little shading to that box, thanks to this lovely new hat for me.


It is a simple little slouchy hat that I decided to knit up on a whim at the beginning of the year. It is made out of an English Shetland wool, spun up as a 2ply. The fiber came from Edgewood Garden Studio in the colorway Autumn Memories. This yarn had been kicking around the stash since 2013, which just goes to show you how often I seem to use my hand spun.  I did not use all of the yarn, which means I still have some to play with at a later date. Unfortunately the fiber wasn’t the softest, and my spinning at the time didn’t help much in that department, but I did give it a little bath with some hair conditioner and that seems to have helped some. Which means the use for the rest of it might take some thinking on my part. Overall I am pleased with the hat and rather enjoy the one random section of darker green along the top, I think it complements the lighter portion nearer the ribbing.

How’s your knitting going?



  1. I love the colors! I used to hate orange but seeing everyone’s gorgeous projects with it has changed my mind 😀

  2. Serenova permalink

    I like making hexipuffs with my leftover yarn. My eventual goal (years from now) is to have a queen size blanket/quilt out of them. And it doesn’t have to matter if the yarn is soft or not.

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