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A Garden for me

February 9, 2015

There once was a knitter who also liked to spin.

She took some lovely fiber that was green, brown and varying shades of pink, all much to her chagrin.

The knitter was not one for the brightness of a color so bold

But she decided to say phooey to the little voice that often told

Her that she wasn’t meant to have something so bright

“It wouldn’t fit in, it wouldn’t be right”

The knitter she sat, and she spun and she spun

Delighting in the fiber and just plain having fun.

The work went quickly and soon she was ready

It was time to decide on a project for her to go steady……


Handspun yarn, 2ply










She decided on the pattern and was off in a flash

The yarn was retrieved from the cavern of the stash.

She knit and she knit passing the time

With podcasts from others that were simply sublime.

In this instance, DancingGeek Podcast

In this instance, DancingGeek Podcast










They made the project fly and soon she was near

The last of the yarn that she had held oh so dear.

It was a race to the finish with her needles flying

It was a close one for sure but lucky for us she ended with no crying.

You see the dear knitter managed to play

Yarn chicken with the project and she had gotten away,

with just enough yarn to finish the row

barely any left, nothing really to show.

As the knitter celebrated she felt herself proud

It was time to share with others, to shout it aloud.

This project is mine and I finished it well

I hope you all enjoy my little show and tell.

Project: Age of Brass and Steam

Project: Age of Brass and Steam








Project Notes
Pattern: Age of Brass and Steam by Orange Flower Yarn
Yarn: Handspun, from Garden of Live Flowers Fiber from the always wonderful Dyeabolical Yarns
Needles: US size 6
Notes: Followed the pattern except I added additional repeats and knit two fewer rows on the edge- because of the aforementioned yarn chicken.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Glad you ignored that niggling little voice and went for it. 🙂

  2. That’s an art…to spin your own ombre!

  3. Beautiful colors!!! The entire project is absolutely beautiful!!

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