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Little Dress

April 27, 2015

This past weekend we celebrated the first birthday of my little niece, and to mark the occasion I decided to knit her a dress. This proved more difficult than expected, I went through two different patterns, numerous cast-on’s and if I am being honest, two different FO’s. The first dress I managed to knit all the way through, just how I wanted except I mistook the needle size, and while my brain was telling me that it was far too small the entire time I was knitting it, I ended up continuing on. I finished it and as I cast off the last stitch I realized I should have listened to my doubts.

With the deadline of the party being moved up by two weeks I didn’t have it in me to reknit that dress…after the numerous cast-ons I just didn’t want to. So I found a new pattern and set to work.

I ended up having to finish the dress at the actual party, but it worked out, because I always feel awkward at parties. This time I had something to focus on, something to occupy my hands and nerves and something to fall back on when I inevitably run out of things to ask about. (Side note I have a list of things I almost always ask about at parties, events, social engagements, because as an introvert small talk makes me cringe. Having a list of topics is still cringe-worthy, but it seems that for the most part people like to be asked questions, they like to talk about themselves, which works out okay for me.) I managed to finish the dress before the cake was brought out, which was great. Unfortunately that also means that there are no photos of the birthday girl in the outfit, since she was promptly given her own little cake to smash the heck out of.

I did manage to snag a few photos right after I bound off the last stitch.


image_medium2 (1)

Pattern is Mischa Baby Dress by Taiga Hillard.

Yarn is Malabrigo sock in the Solis (green) and Light of Love (pink) colorways

I ended up using a US 4 for the needle.

The only mods I made were to make it two toned and added a row on the “belt” section and at the hem, shortened the skirt length to 7.”


  1. So cute! Like a tiny watermelon.

  2. This is beautiful

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