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Fleece Touring: Days 1-3

July 7, 2015

I have decided to join the mix of other spinners out there and participate in Tour de Fleece. I am on a couple of teams, but joined the first day of the Tour. This is my first year on a team (or teams) so we shall see what comes of it. So far my spinning has consisted of two different methods and a mix of fibers.

On the wheel is a lovely BFL from Edgewood Garden Studios in the Bee in Your Bonnet colorway. This fiber is wonderful and the colors are so saturated it makes me smile whenever I work on it, the colorway name doesn’t hurt either. I am spinning this fiber ridiculously thin, which means of course the going is slow. I did manage to get the beginnings of a tiny blister on my toe as of Sunday night, this reminded me why I wanted/had a double treadle (but that has been sold and I am saving up for my next one.) I did give my foot a break and manged to spin a small amount with the other foot.

The other focus has been a BFL blend which includes a new to me fiber, firestar (the tag states something about nylon so I am not sure if that is a third fiber or if the firestar itself is composed of nylon…) This is from Yarn Geek Fibers and is in the Summer Beaches colorway (I believe.) One thing is for sure the fiber sure is shiny. I didn’t necessarily mean to pick to BFL projects (although who could blame me, right?) Although the firestar is providing a different take on it all, it has been interesting to see the difference between spinning on a wheel and spinning on a spindle.

So far I am just enjoying the process, I think I will be happy to get these two completed before the end of the tour. Both projects are pretty thin and i am thinking at least one will end up being a chain-ply, although I may be persuaded otherwise.


Are you participating in the tour, if so how is it going for you?


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  1. shellssells permalink

    I can confirm that firestar is nylon. Pretty pretty nylon.

  2. Marja permalink

    I think the Yarn Geek colorway is Brigitte the Magnificent….at least that’s what mine says.

    • You are right, I had a similar colorway from someone else that was the other name. Ugh chalk it up to being too lazy to find the tag 😦

  3. Serenova permalink

    I decided not to participate in the Tour this year despite taking the dive and getting a spinning wheel a few months ago. I just have too many other things going on this summer to attempt it.

    You’ve picked lovely fiber and I wish you luck with it!

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