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Live coverage of the Tour De Fleece

July 20, 2015

I am Ira McKnitty-Pants reporting to you live from the home of the Introverted Knitter. July marks the Tour De Fleece, a self designed competition where spinners attempt to spin along with the cyclists of the Tour De France, and once again this year, our intrepid Introverted Knitter has decided to jump on board. A relative late comer to the competition, she began her spinning with no real plan in mind.

I am told the first few days of the Tour saw tremendous amounts of spinning, but an unfortunate injury in the form of a blister on her toe, caused IK to have to ease off the treadling. Instead the focus for her came down to spindles, she quickly made progress on one of her spindles, although I am being told that as of now she is still on her first half of the first braid. It’s of this reporter’s opinion that IK seems to have taken a far more leisurely pace than she originally anticipated. It appears that “real life” has intervened during the tour and IK has had to cut back significantly on her spinning time, I am told that she has been dealing with transitioning into a new job, but when I reached out for a comment there was no response. We will keep an eye on this part of the story of any coming developments.

In related news it appears that IK has taken to her supported spindle and has begun working on some lovely BFL fiber. I do know that this was one of the goals that she set for herself for the Tour. It seems that this part of the tour is going well and IK seems content to work on spinning up four ounces of the stuff.

In the end it seems that despite the chaos that can ensue in the lives of these spinners, there is still a little fight left in this spinner and as the Tour begins to wind down, we can expect to see something from the Introverted Knitter.

I am Ira McKnitty-Pants reporting.



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  1. Serenova permalink

    Good luck! Hope you’ve managed to spin more before the end of the tour!

  2. shellssells permalink

    Oh, I am eager to hear more about the new job! So eager!

  3. I love the dispatches from Ira McKnitty-Pants! Hope your tour goes well and good luck with the new job!

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