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A fond farewell….

July 28, 2015

Last Friday marked my last day of work at my old job. It was a full day and one where many goodbyes were shared. As is the tradition with that particular work place we had a food day (this is the usual M.O. for any type of celebration) the co-workers in my department were gracious and we all enjoyed a variety of different treats to mark the day. Along with the goodbyes and the treats I was able to give two mother’s to be gifts that were variations on what I had been planning, prior to to leaving of course. Unfortunately only one of them were there on my last day, but a coworker promised to deliver it this week so she should be opening it sometime soon.

I had originally planned on making cardigans for the wee ones since they are both due towards the end of summer/early autumn, but I ran out of time and so instead I went with something a bit simpler and still really adorable.



For the hats I followed this pattern, keeping it the same throughout. it was my first time knitting the basic rolled brim hats in fingering weight and I wanted to make sure they would fit. Whereas with the little mittens I ended up shortening the cuff length a bit on both, otherwise I followed this pattern.

In the end it was good to be able to give these two mother’s to be something for their little ones. As soon as I found out that they were pregnant I had planned on making something, and while I would have preferred to have done an actual cardigan, the straight up loving reaction I got for the hat and mittens made it oh so worth it.



One Comment
  1. even the smallest gift they will remember from you.

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