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8 Pairs Down

August 24, 2015

Feel free to mark August off the imaginary list that I am keeping, because yes indeed, those socks are finished. I knew that these were going to be quick knits and even though I spent a lot less time on them than I wanted to, I still managed to finish before the end of the month. The early finish is a win in my book and one I am very happy about. IMG_1640

This pair is from the Rose City Roller pattern, with a few modifications.

  1. I ended up using a larger needle than was called for (lucky for me it worked.)
  2. I opted for the Fish Lips Kiss Heel, because I wanted the practice (it worked.)
  3. I modified my toes to see if I could get them a bit more rounded (it halfway worked.)

I ended up using less than 50 g (I am not sure how much less, but rest assured it was more than enough to add a square to the blanket-o-doom) and the pair fit my feet with a little bit of room (which means they may work for gifts.) The yarn itself was some old Knit Picks Stroll Multi in the Tuscany colorway that has been in the stash for quite a while.  This yarn in general has never been a favorite of mine because of the pooling, although you may notice that there isn’t any to be had in the above pair. Speaking of the above photo, the yarn may look like it is red with a few highlights of orange-red (true) and gray stripes (they look more green-gray in person) as such I feel the need to unofficially call them Freddy Kruger socks.

Of course now I get to wait about a week until I draw for the next month, which means I have some time to work on a few things. Mainly spinning, I am still working on a moonrover braid that has been on the wheel forever (okay about two months) it doesn’t help that I am spinning fine and that my spinning time is constantly being thwarted by this adorableness. IMG_1642

Because as soon as the fiber comes out he will come jogging from wherever he is in the house; of course his ultimate goal changes between the procurement of belly rubs and building a nest in the fiber, either of which he can safely say mission accomplished.

How’s your crafting going?

One Comment
  1. Serenova permalink

    Yay on finishing your August socks! I’ve still got a ways to go on mine… like almost a whole sock long ways. 😛

    At least my kitty stays away from the fiber! She’s more likely to go for a swinging piece of yarn or a dangling circular needle.

    Other than the socks, I started the new Laura Aylor MKAL and it’s great so far!

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