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Ira McKnitty-Pants Reporting on a Lucy for Marja

September 14, 2015

Good Day Folks, Ira McKnitty-Pants coming to you from the blog of the Introverted Knitter. It appears that IK has been missing from the blog for a few weeks, my sources tell me that she is doing okay, but that life has decided to heap an extra handful on her plate. Rest assured that she is hoping to return to her regularly scheduled blogging in the next few weeks.

As for me, I have been able to reach out to our intrepid knitter and ask her what she has been up to lately. It appears she is keeping things a little close to the chest and would only reveal one completed project at this time. In a rather amazing exchange, IK was able to secure some amazing hand spun and a pattern that she herself wanted for the longest time. In order to achieve this, our very own IK was asked to knit this pattern out of said amazing hand spun for our lady Marja (the wonderful) from the comments. The hand spun came from Marja and was not only some of the softest, but I am also told some of the prettiest that IK has worked with in a long while.

The pattern, as IK described is a pay for pattern known as, Lucy, which came out in Knitscene Winter, 2012. Lucy is a hat, that features a short row section that produces a vintage inspired cloche. It is of this reporters opinion that the pattern is one that not only seems visually interesting, but also maintains enough details to keep the knitter zooming along. IK mentioned that she worked the pattern exactly as written, with the exception of adding about a half-inch more length to the overall hat shape. I am also told that the majority of the yarn is from our lady Marja’s, hand spun, with the band being composed of some knit picks yarn of unknown origin but is called something akin to doe.


All in all IK seems to be pleased with this finished object and has revealed that she hopes to make another one in the near future. When pressed for details, IK replied she had to get back to work and left this reporter wanting for answers.

Until next time folks, I am Ira McKnitty-Pants reporting.

  1. shellssells permalink

    Oh boy! That’s just gorgeous! I can’t wait to see it in person!

  2. Marja permalink

    Oh my! It’s wonderful and so beautiful. It almost makes me look forward to winter. Almost. Thank you so much!

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