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Quick Hat

October 7, 2015

Hello. I have a small update in terms of knitting progress for you. I am still dealing with the effects of the chaos that is going on. I’m not quite ready to share the details just yet, but I do have a finished object, finally. 

With knitting being on the back burner I knew I wanted something that would be relatively quick, and keep me entertained. Of course what it takes to keep me entertained when it comes to wool is pretty simple. 

Case in point. Self striping sock yarn. I dug in my stash for something to take on a road trip this past weekend. The giant and I were taking the day to go up to my grans 85th birthday party. So between the early morning coffee run to the drive up there and the actual drive while rocking out to tunes, I managed to make a whole lot of progress on a hat. Lucky for me (only sort of) I didn’t drive (gotta love car sickness+medication) and so my hands were free to knit. Unlucky for me they still act up from time to time, so I have to pace myself. 

In the end it was a pretty good day and by the end of the weekend I managed to finish the hat. 


Yarn- knit picks Felici in Rustic Cabin

Needle size-US3

Simple ribbed brim slouchy style hat. 

I did manage to use up almost all of one ball, which means a pair of fingerless mitts might be in my future. 

   The photos are blurry thanks to shaky hands, but I think you get a good idea. 

How’s your knitting going?

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  1. Your hat is fierce! Hang in there,you got this.

  2. Self-striping is the best for interesting, mindless knitting. Period.

  3. I do love Felici. Self-striping is kind of my go-to for mindless knitting too. Hope everything settles down for you soon!

  4. Thanks for this! I’m a fan of this hat!

  5. Nice hat. Self-striping sock yarn is the best!

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