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Where’s The Introverted Knitter Been?

October 20, 2015

Ira McKnitty-Pants coming to you from our studios. It appears our local Introverted Knitter has been MIA for quite a while now, and this reporter took it upon himself to discover just where she has been.

I sat down with IK recently and discovered that the last month or so has been a whirlwind of trips, familial obligations and attempts at recovering from it all. IK revealed that the last bit (recovering) has felt next to impossible, combined with the fact that a few different co-workers have decided to become the company incubators for some type of viral infection. As she recounted me with the less than pleasant details of the germ infestation that seems to be occurring around her, I could see that fatigue was taking its bitter toll on our young knitter.

Luckily IK seems to still be in good spirits as regaled me with a few highlights of her recent trips. It appears that IK had a birthday last month and although birthday’s tend to be a whole hot mess of an affair for her, none the less The Giant and her made a trip to Kansas City for a short weekend away. I am told that The Giant was a particularly good sport and was even willing to rename the reason for the trip as something other than a birthday celebration. (It is of this reporters opinion that The Giant is particularly thoughtful and a great person overall.) The trip it seems was a success, with the two of them able to visit a few different stores, including the famous Yarn Barn, unfortunately the business, and time restraints prevented IK from being able to purchase anything. She continued her narrative by explaining how the two managed to make it to the World War I museum, despite a marathon bisecting the route their navigation tried to take them.


I am told the two made it and were able to tour all parts of the museum,which was a truly humbling experience. IK revealed to me that her familiarity with this war was not nearly as great as the second World War. Although she knew the basics, the museum itself and the staff that were present, provided her and The Giant with a new and vast perspective of not only the war itself, but the life and times of those back home as well.

IK also mentioned that her favorite part, aside from climbing to the top of the tower pictured above, was the tribute to Mrs. Wilson’s Knitting circle and the effort of the men and women at home and abroad who picked up the needles and ‘knit their bit.’



The journey continued for IK and The Giant, with the two of them packing up and heading off to a new to her location for another short trip. This time the two made their way to Seattle, WA to see IK’s best friend. (the one who has just recently moved away. When pressed for details on the situation IK remained stoic while she told me that her best friend earned the opportunity of a lifetime and that it was something her friend had to do.) IK told me that this was her very first time visiting the Emerald city.


Despite turbulence and a queasy stomach, the pair arrived in tact and were able to meet up with her best friend. A whirlwind trip that went far too quickly found IK and the Giant exploring a bit of downtown Seattle.


There was a visit to the famous Pike’s Place Market, and they even got to witness the well-known fish throwing. Although I am told by my sources that the video seems to not want to load. IK was able to share with me a photo of a rather odd-looking creature, known as a Monk Fish.


The trip was made even more exciting by the fact that the President of the United States happened to be in the very same city, and as luck would have it, on the very same street (eventually.) IK told me how she pointed out the fact that a small gathering of people and a large collection of police officers may have something to do with POTUS being near, at which point the Giant requested they stay and view the motorcade. The two stood along the ever-growing crowd, waiting for the President to ride by. IK showed me a photo of a helicopter, which this reporter acknowledged as very cool, despite the opinions of the rather silly people around her,

that couldn’t believe they had to wait to cross the street.IMG_1849



I am told that the photo below was one of two limos that passed by and that either one contained the POTUS, which marked the second time that IK has seen him in person. Although IK was quick to point out, that the first time was when he was an US Senator on the campaign trail. IMG_1868

It is of this reporter’s opinion that it was a rather cool event to happen to stumble upon.

IK told me that their trip ended with a dinner and dessert with the best friend and a little tour of a small portion of the Seattle area. I am told downtown at night is even more beautiful than photos would suggest.


It would appear that IK was not only happy to visit her best friend, but she also found a new city to love. I am told that plans are being made for a return trip soon.

I am Ira McKnitty-Pants reporting.

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