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Wheel Wednesday

October 21, 2015

About six months ago I up and sold my Honey Bee spinning wheel, and I was left with Beatrice (my Prelude and first ever wheel) and my spindles. This had been fine with my output slowly just a little due to the single treadle process. Unfortunately Tour De Fleece was a big reminder as to why I had purchased the Blue Bonnet wheel in the first place. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a very devoted fan to my Beatrice, she and I have been together since my earliest days of spinning and she has survived three moves with no real complaints; the fact is a single treadle wheel and fibro pain does not always work out for a happy spinner.

So for my birthday I ended up purchasing another wheel, this time opting for not only something lighter (a chief reason I parted with the Honeybee, it was just so heavy) I also decided to stay within the Kromski brand. Aside from the many years of happiness I have gotten from my Prelude, the fact that the new wheel’s bobbins would be interchangeable with Beatrice definitely didn’t hurt.

Let me introduce you all to the newest member of the herd, a Kromski Sonata:


It is still nameless at this point, although I can’t help but feel a little bad. The first two wheels received their names close to their arrival and this wheel has been around for at least a few weeks. Not to worry though, she spins like a champ regardless.

How about you? Do you name your wheels, how about your spindles? Do you name your knitting needles, or is that too far? I have only named my wheels and the rigid heddle loom I used to own, for some reason the spindles haven’t gotten names and I think my track record with knitting needles prevents me from naming them.


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  1. Oh nice wheel!!! I really love the look and the color. You’ll get lots of great spinning on that one 🙂

  2. Marja permalink

    Very lovely!

  3. Very nice wheel! I need to learn to spin. Yes, I name everything. It’s a problem, but at least it’s an entertaining one.

  4. shellssells permalink

    Lovely! Welcome new wheel! I love the grain on the wood.

    I named two of my bicycles. That’s pretty much it.

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