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From the Wheel Wednesday

October 28, 2015

Hey everyone,

So it’s been a little while since I last had a FO of the yarn variety. This was not done on the new (and still unnamed) wheel, but Beatrice (the Prelude) and I took sthe February 2015 offering of the Moonrover Fiber club, that looked like this:


and along with my perpetual spinning buddy/fiber thief, seen here in a not so subtle attempt to procure belly rubs:


managed to turn it into this:


This is a lovely and squishy chain ply that does a rather awesome job of maintaining the colors, which is pretty great considering how abruptly they can change.


I will freely admit when I first got this braid in the mail I found myself seriously questioning my purchase of the three month membership. The orange just felt so out of place that even when I started spinning it the Giant and I had a conversation about whether I should even include it. Cooler heads prevailed and I am so happy I kept it in. Even with the chain ply the orange isn’t nearly as overpowering as I thought it would be, which is great because oh-my-goodness Lacey creates not only the best fiber I have ever spun but also the most saturated colors, that don’t come off on your fingers! I think you should go to her website and browse the loveliness, although let me warn you, involuntary gasps are known to happen. If you are a spinner and are looking for a club, definitely sign up, it is so worth it, especially because Lacey gives you an extra ounce a month, so you get 5 ounces of brilliantly created fiber that is dyed so well. For those of you that don’t spin, she also has some wonderful yarns. Seriously, go look. I mean…..right?


Okay that’s it for now, happy crafting everyone.


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  1. I think the braid is simply gorgeous, and your yarn is fabulous. I’m glad you chain-plied it to keep the colors separate. It will be beautiful all knit up.

  2. Serenova permalink

    Gorgeous braid, even prettier fiber! That spin came out lovely! Moonrover has great fiber (and yarn!) I wish I could do a membership right now but I’m trying to use the fiber I already have, not bring more in!

    A beautiful spin, and it turned out lovely. 😀

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