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September Socks

December 15, 2015

I started this year with a goal of knitting 12 pairs of socks in a year. For the most part that goal was on track, despite a few bumps and overlaps along the way; that is until September came along and everything just went off the rails.

I am willing to admit that the goal was not completed, or least not by the original process. I currently have 11 pairs completed, with another still on the needles, but two of those pairs didn’t come from my originally picked skeins.

Technically the skein picked for September officially brought my count to 11. The socks themselves weren’t completed until December, but for tracking purposes I call them my September socks.


These were knit on US size 0’s at a 64 stitch count. I ended up using the Fish Lips Kiss heel which I finally feel like I am getting good enough at to like it better than an afterthought heel. (I am still pretty sure a heel flap and gusset are my go to, but I feel like this still provides enough stretch.)

I started this year with a goal to knit 12 pairs of socks in 2015. I put twelve skeins of yarn, ranging from ones I just needed to get out of stash, to some of my more “precious” skeins. Well, here we are in December and I am reviewing my progress. Surprisingly I managed to achieve the goal most months. Up until June I was doing pretty well with a pair a month, although I admit there were probably times I overlapped. June saw a fickle yarn that I ended up frogging and I believe I replaced them with a different pair. Which since this was my goal and I can change it how I see fit, I am going to count the replacement socks as a win.

Things seemed to be going okay until September when things went of the rails and nothing really got done. October I think I finished a hat or two, but not much else was accomplished. November was even worse in terms of production, my health dictated much of that. So here we are in December and I finally have a pair to show for it.

The yarn was a new to me purchase from last year’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday and is Tannis Fiber Arts, Blue Label, in the Stormy colorway.

In other news I am on my last day of antibiotics and am feeling pretty much back to normal (well my new normal at least.) I’ve been pretty fortunate to be able to take the time to rest and relax these past two(ish) weeks, in part because I made the decision back at the end of November to leave work. Thanks to the wonkiness that is Fibro and all that entails, The Giant and I thought it would be important to focus on health for a while. So here I am. Hopefully I can get a few more blog posts out now, fingers crossed and all.


Until next time.


  1. you did great for all you had thrown at you

  2. Make sure to take it easy and be kind to yourself. You did an amazing job with socks this year: 11 pairs is nothing to sniff at! I’m less focused on whether or not I fully accomplished a goal than I am on whether or not it helped me get something done. You did great!

  3. Sometimes you just have to take time for yourself and what you need. Best of luck with that! Your socks are beautiful. I love TFA colors!

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