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Languishing Mitts

December 22, 2015

Here we are in the final weeks of 2015 and I am finally getting around to a project that has been on the needles for pretty much the entire year. Back in January the Giant requested a pair of fingerless mitts, I naturally took the opportunity to not only knit him a pair, but to also spin up the yarn for the project. I think the motivation for using hand spun stems from the fact that one of my goals for this year was to use more hand spun (the astute among you may notice that instead of usingthe hand spun already created and waiting to be used, I instead opted to create more…)

With the spinning finished I set to work knitting up the first mitt. The Giant had specifically requested mitts that had the individual fingers covered as opposed to the easier version where it is more like a mitten you just stop before decreasing. So as I neared the end of the first mitt, I realized I wasn’t exactly sure how to handle the individual fingers. This is when the project started to slow down. Of course around this time something else came up and I must have needed the needles for a crazy pressing project (because of course I don’t seem to have more than one pair of US size 4 needles, that would be too easy.) The mitts where soon forgotten and it wasn’t until last weekend, when updating Ravelry, that I noticed/remembered that the mitts were still langushing in a bag somewhere in the craft room. Guilt set in and I decided it might be time to fish them out and finally provide the Giant a pair promised back in the beginning of the year.

So as I evaluated the situation I realized that I was further along than I remembered, which is a good thing in this case, because it meant that I had figured out the individual finger problem for the first mitt. Mind you I couldn’t have total victory because past me never bothered to weave in ends (a common problem that happens with past me, one that tends to annoy present me a bit.) Which means that the first mitt looks something like this:IMG_2255Because past me tends to put off weaving in ends, I of course continued the tradition and set to work on the second mitt (no photos at this time.) Which means that when the Giant saw me working on the mitts (and was reminded what they were.) He made the assumption that I must have had to frog a portion of the mitt. Mind you the hot mess you see above was a bit more frumpy looking than even the photo shows, and it was a fair assumption to make even though it was wrong. I did correct him and explained the whole weaving in ends process (or lack there of, thanks again past me.)

Now you may be asking yourself how are the mitts going? Well you see there was this other project……

Until next time.

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  1. Nice yarn and colors, did you dye the fiber too? I’m laughing since I have an unfinished pair? of socks some-place, but there’s no hurry(they’re for me and since I started them I’ve found a couple of good sources for hand-cranked ones)

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