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FFN: Finishing Assistants

January 5, 2016

I managed to finish my hand spun shawl, this is actually pretty exciting considering I also had to very eager assistants. The shawl itself was an easy and simple enough knit, which really let the hand spun show off, and boy did it. Of course like with every completed knit there was some finishing to do. Namely blocking and weaving in the ends; this is where my two “assistants” come in. I should have known from when I spun this fiber that there might be trouble, namely when this kept happening:


The kitty pictured here was unsually fond of this fiber from the start. Luckily he wasn’t the type to steal the fiber and run (I already have a cat that does that and that is more than enough.)

Once the shawl was done being knit I gave it a little bath and then set it out to block. Of course as soon as wool gets wet in my house I usually have more than one feline nose twitching in curiosity. This time was no different, but of course there was one cat who was front and center as I adjusted the shawl on my blocking mats. After walking away to work on something else, this happened.


Followed promptly by this:


Eventually the shawl dried and I quickly picked it up and stashed it away until photo shoot time.

When it finally came time for some proper finished object photos, I realized in my haste that I hadn’t woven in any ends. Being a quick and easy job I sat down on the floor and quickly went to work. Which meant that naturally the other tabby decided to try to make a play for the shawl.


He did this every time there was a bit of it on the ground, and more than once attempted to abscond with it. If nothing else I discovered this tabby has a thing for polwarth (the gray fluffy cat is fond of BFL…at least they have good taste?)

After finally managing to get that cat away from the shawl long enough to adjust it, the other tabby decided to reassert his claim.


One may notice the claws that are currently out in this photo. In an effort to rescue my shawl, there was minor blood spillage (mine) but luckily nothing got on the shawl.

Thankfully in a rare moment when both cats were distracted by a sunbeam I managed to snap this photo.



Yarn: Hand spun 2 ply Polwarth

Colorway: Mutant Flamingos, from Spun Right Round

Pattern: Linus (free)

Needles: US 4, 3.5mm


  1. Lol, what helpful kitties! Mine hates damp wool; it actually makes for a pretty good gauge of whether my blocking thing is dry yet or not. If he’s interested in it, it’s dry enough to put away!

  2. Love the simple of it

  3. awww, they are so cute! and the shawl is lovely. I do love a gray tabby cat. 🙂

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