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WIP: Handspun Socks

January 12, 2016

In an effort to make good on a goal for 2016 I decided to dig in my hand spun stash and pull out some yarn. The orginial idea was to make mittens for the Giant, he has a set that were a franken-pair knit out of acrylic quite a few years ago. Despite his instance that they are okay, I know that I can do better. That is what I had as an original idea, of course the reality turned out to be something else entirely.

Fun fact…I have quite a bit of handspun yarn, a lot of which I forgot about (oops.) So with renewed dedication (and a little bit of shame) I dug through the pile and came out with this skein.


A chain ply from Edgewood Garden Studios in the Bee in Your Bonnet colorway.

I ended up weighing the skein and refiguring the yardage, in part because I didn’t have it marked and in part because I feel like my previous handmade knitty-noddy wasn’t the most accurate. The skein came out to right around 498.3 yards, which is way more than perfect for socks and so the decision was made to cast this on.

And guys? It is turning out way better than I had hoped. I figured with the chain ply it would probably stripe up, but I wasn’t sure due to the Giant’s giant feet just how well that would work. Boy does it work, proof? Just look at this first sock:


Pretty dang awesome right? Here it is close up:


I know it is still getting washed out, but I am hoping you can see the fact that at the beginning and end of the yellow/orange rows there is a row (or two) of green. I am simply in love with the way this sock is turning out. Evidence by the fact that when Sherlock had it’s encore run of The Abominable Bride on Sunday this sock still saw some action (not a great deal mind you, but still enough to call it out.)

So how is your knitting going? Any projects you have that are just flying along the needles? Any projects you have abandoned in favor of a new and beautiful one?


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  1. Those are gorgeous! Good on you for using that handspun!

  2. those look amazing

  3. Oh your socks are going to be gorgeous!

  4. shellssells permalink

    Yeah, there is NOTHING bad about that yarn. That’s yarn to make a cold winter day sunny! I probably would not be able to put that project down at all.

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