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Works in Progress:Hand Spun Socks

January 20, 2016

Ira McKnitty-Pants reporting to you on location at the home of the Introverted Knitter. I spoke with IK to discuss her progress on the vibrant and squishy hand spun socks she was last seen working on for The Giant.

It appears that the sock knitting has gone well, with the first sock being completed this past weekend. I am told that there was some frustration on the part of IK as she went to measure the remaining yarn cake (which to this reporter sounds like it should be a delicious snack, but I digress) and discovered that she had used over half of the ball. Our sources indicate that there was some language unbecoming a knitter , and there may have been a passing reference to feet the size of snowboards; but it is of this reporters opinion that the comments may have come about during a particular period of duress.

When speaking to Introvereted Knitter after the fact she seemed to have found a proposed solution to the yardage problem, although this reporter can’t be sure if there was still some unresolved annoyance and hostility at the upset. I am told that the solution will involve another yarn being used for the heel, this comes after a consultation with the Giant, who I am told is still very happy to be getting the very first pair of hand spun socks.

Our sources also confirm that the socks have been put into the rotation of things to be knit, which of course indicates their fall from the top spot. It appears that while the second sock is still being worked on, some of the appeal seems to have been lost. It is of this reporter’s opinion that it may simply be a matter of the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome, rather than any actual distaste for the handspun. When asked for comment on this theory, IK was heard to be mutter to herself as she counted, this reporter knew when to leave someone armed with multiple pointy sticks alone. When attempt to confirm the state of mind that IK seems to be in, we contacted the other entities in the home, only to be met with varying states of disinterest, blank stares and various meows. I am told that the meows may have been due to a desire for a treat, but we could not independently corraborate this information at this time.

When asked about her over all state of being, I was told by IK that, it has been a rather bad week so far. She elaborated by explaining her sleep has been troubled as well as various pain issues seem to competeting for top prizes in the “what random part of the body can we cause pain for her today?”  It is of this reporters opinion that IK seems to be handling the fact that her, and I am quoting this for you now, “skin feels like a sunburn that has been rubbed with a cheese grater” rather well and that she is still not a screaming hot mess is a testament to the  care of the Giant and the fur beasts that occupy her abode.

I am Ira McKnitty-Pants reporting to you from the home of the Introverted Knitter, and from all of us here we want to wish you a very happy and safe rest of the week.

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